Friday, March 9, 2012

New Title

I hope you noticed the new title (header) on this blog. I've given a lot of thought about what I might write about and usually come up blank.
 Tomorrow March 10th would be my late wife's birthday. She didn't quite make it to the 3/4 of a century mark.
 So in remembrance I'm sticking 2 of her most favorite songs. The first one "Shoutin Time" we first heard at the Quartet Convention in Louisville quite a few years ago. And it is sung by a family group by the name of The Hoppers. I had to hold her back the first time she heard it. I thought she was going to dance right up on the stage.

Another song she loved was by Lynda Randle called God On The Mountain. Watch the video and then I've got a story to tell you.

   One day, at the Quartet Convention my ears (minere's syndrome) was giving me fits so I went out to the RV to lie down, Sally came along and said it was lunch time so she had her sandwich and I went and laid down. 3 or 4 hours later when I awoke, she was nowhere to be found. I knew she liked to hang-out at the Goodman's display and talk with Vestal BUT she wasn't there. Vestal was there so I asked her and she said yes she was here and the last time I saw her she was at the Hopper's. Same story, she'd been but sort of disappeared. Probably an hour later Dean Hopper was walking by and he asked me if I found her. I said no and he said follow me. Out the back door of the convention center amongst the buses and Dean said look around the corner of this bus. There she was all stretched out in a lounge chair talking to Lynda Randle and her husband. The Randles are black but they are Christians.  
 That was the way Sally was, she never met a stranger. When she got ready to leave there was more hugging going on than you can believe. I thanked Lynda and her husband for baby sitting. Boy I got my butt reamed out for that comment for several years. Later on Sally told me that they had the same troubles as you and I have.


Anonymous said...

Dad,I knew Sally’s birthday was coming up this week. That’s a nice remembrance. Good story telling, I could see it all in my mind as you described it! Very nice. Glad to see you are back at writing. Keep it up. You always have good stories.

Darrell said...

Thanks Kitt.
I'd like to thank you publicly for keeping our line of communications open.