Sunday, March 25, 2012

Down Days

This is from one of my down days in Feb.
Did you ever have any "down days"? It has been a little bit rough around here for the last day or two.

1: First this computer would not hook up to the internet. It said turn on the switch, what switch?

2: Second my beloved hearing aid took its final dump.

3: My thought of realizing a pension from the teamsters was dumped this morning.

4: Mother nature dumped a few inches of snow on us (about 8) and I was enjoying the looks of the brown grass in the yards and fields.

5: I cannot seem to get this house straigtened and cleaned up. I was looking for my birth certificate the other day and came across a whole bunch of IRS, bank statements, step son's death codolence cards so I started tossing and shredding. WHAT A MESS!!!

6: I got my bank statement and there is quite a difference in my and theirs balance. Can't find the mistake. So that means I'll have to call in some help, one of my daughters. Damn I hate that! It makes them think I'm getting old. I got news for them, I am OLDE!

7: Google says I cannot enter a video (too long) on you tube unless I have a cell phone. So they can text me permission. What a crock!

7: About the time I figure I have somebody picked out for the primary, they screw up big time or drop out completely.

I'm sure there is a couple of more things but tht'll cover it for now.

I imagine I'm suffereing from depression, not enough for drugs but enough to bring things to a head quickly. I caught myself crying the other day while I was watching a western on TV. I'm always thinking WHAT IF? My mind races a mile a minute with different scenarios on the WHAT IF!.

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