Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Christmas

For those of you that are in Texas, He's on his way!!

Texas Santa

  I know that I'm loved, you ask how do you know?  If somebody drives out of their way almost 50 miles each day, because they want to, it has to be love. If another person comes over to help me or just listens to me on the phone daily, it is love.
 I, like most of you, have just accepted that fact. Now that it has been displayed to me in living color I finally realize it! And looking back through the years there are other vivid memories.
 Being thrown into this temporary "handicapped" position, I've had time to contemplate this latest "adventure" in life where I've found  unadulterated love.
  It puts me in the position of, how am I going to pay them back? I do not like that position but it is a fact of life. The last 2 years I've learned a lot of things. When I was the strong one! I had the strength to persevere over all adverse things. Now I'm the one needing the strength of others. I've received many acts of kindness in my life. I think I've also given out a few acts of kindness but, did I give enough? I don't think I'll ever know, for sure.
 My mouth has given me many problems and after 70 years I found out it is time shut up and to listen, through my hearing aid, LOL.
 Patience, I've never had much patience, now I'm trying to understand the other side, whether I like it or not. BUT I still don't have patience with people who do not, or will not try to understand. 
 I understand now, how my Lord has been talking to me but I was just a little too "stubborn" to listen. For those of you for whom I've been praying, listen to the silence, somebody is talking to you!
  For those of you who have been praying for me, Thank You an Oh by the way
Merry Christmas!

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