Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Veteran's Day

 The above picture is 3 generations of heros in our family. Top left hand corner is Bob Towne (deceased), top tight hand corner is his son,Greg Towne (deceased). In the center is Greg's son Kevin. The people below are Bob, Greg's and Kevin's decendants. Quite a family!

 It is almost Veteran's Day. Today I'm writing about our family heros. We don't have a lot of them but we've got a few.
 My first hero was my Uncle Curtis he was in WW11 and was in a Artillery division of some type and I believe a Captain. Writing to him as 6 or 7 yr old was real exciting. When he returned to the States, not only did he bring home an English War Bride but he gave me a German Officers uniform coat and hat. Also I remember wearing some of his WOOL scratchy pants to school until I asked for something not so scratchy.
 My second WW11 hero was my mother's cousin that we called Uncle Elmer. He was in the Airforce and flew in one of the "Super Fortress" bombers as a gunner. I don't remember if he was a tail gunner or in the gun mounted under  the "belly" of the plane. All I know is that it was realy cramped where he was. He told me many stories most of which I do not remember but I do remember him tellling me some of them.
 I also remember gas rationing, meat rationing and standing in line for my mother so she could get some nylons. My dad was not drafted as he had a oil burner explode and it put pieces of steel in his eyes. I do remember he was blind for quite awhile until they healed. So he stayed home and did his refrigeration work.
 I graduated from high school in 1956 and watched some of my school mates march off to war. I was classified 1A which meant I was due to go anytime. They called me in three times for physicals and each time said I had a bent pelvis. I didn't even know I had a pelvis let alone bent. So they didn't want me and I was depressed for awhile until my dad talked to me and got my poop in a group, so to speak.
 Korea came and went and then Vietnam, Granada, Bay of Pigs and some other things.
 After Vietnam there was a quiet period and in that time my step son Greg Towne joined the Marines and he and his wife got to see some of the world. His dad, Bob, was Army in the Korean era. Greg's Son, Kevin, went into the Marines for his jaunt and spent some time in far off places near, if not in Afghanistan. All three of them came home safely and had successful lives. Greg died suddenly at the age of 39 and left his widow and three kids. His exemplary life helped Kevin decide on the Marines and he now is teaching school, coaching and raising a set of twins. 
 On my side  of the family my grandson Phillip joined the Marines and excelled in his duties all over the world. He also is now a civilian, married and still  in college.
 My hat is off to all of these "HERO'S" and others whom are neighbors and friends and saw action in WW11 to Iraq, on this years Veteran's Day
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