Saturday, November 19, 2011

THANKSGIVING sure changed a lot since I was a kid. It was a day as exciting as Christmas. I know most of the women did all of the work that day. Turkeys were put into the oven early in the morning. If I remember right it was 5 or 6 o clock AM. Then it had to be tended to with the basting every so often. also the temperature had to be just so. That was all done after all of the day old bread was broken up and seasoned or the stuffing. I remember watching mom or grandma stuffing the turkey and thinking "Boy I bet that turkey is happy to be dead, that would hurt". Grandma K's specialty was pies, lots of pies and always ALL homemade and baked. Grandma P made the best crust. There is no comparison to today's crust. It had to be the lard and the hand measured spices as the flour flew. Her peeling and coring the special favorite apples would put most automated machines to shame. One of her favorite apples was the old variety clled SPY. She said they really made the apple pie taste like apple. The apples were piled very high in the dish. I was always amazed at how they shrunk down while baking. 
 The dinner table was loaded to overflowing. With enough mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, extra bowls of stuffing, vegetables, squashes and usually samples of some wild game that dad or grandpa had gotten.

Pheasant I believe it was.

  Grandma Patton's house in Oxford, MI

  Now Grandma P's house was located in Oxford MI at 27 W Burdick St. It was/is a three story home with over 5000 sq feet of space. The front enclosed porch was a display room for the radio, TV's, washing machines and dryers that they used to sell there. If you google in the address there is a picture of the home.
 The dining room of the house was not overly large but it could hold a lot of people. The table was very large and with all of the leaves I remember it could seat upwards of twenty people. The last I knew one of my Aunts had the table and chairs and had it all redone.
 I do not think Grandma P ever sat down to eat as she was always running back and forth to the kitchen to feed everybody.
  In later years it seemed that Thanksgiving was held at our house, or maybe it was Christmas. Anyway a lot of the same people plus mothers relatives would show up with kids and it was a noisy festival for sure. My Graqndpa K smoked cigars and the more they stunk the better they tasted to him. He used to slip those little bands off of them and give them to us kids to use as rings and etc.
 Television was a new oddity and that held everybody's attention until the dishes were washed and then the card tables would come out for the never ending games of Pinochle, Canasta, Gin Rummy and others. A good time was had by all and also other reletives and friends would stop by for a few minutes to join in on the laughter and good time.
 Today I believe that a lot of our social get togethers are held on Facebook and some of the other internet items. People do not or cannot get together as the miles between us seem to get more and more every year. And the middle class people are a vanishing lot.  I have grandchildren galore and I love each and everyone of them BUT I don't really know them, like I should. Telephone calls are a thing of the past as the impersonal Email is used to pass messages and news. Within a few short years there will not be anymore newspapers, as we know them. I read all of the papers on line as it is cheaper than paying a dollar or two for 35 pages of adds and 2 pages of news.
  I used to hate to listen to the old folks talk politics, I still do, BUT I'm now one of the old folks!

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