Monday, September 12, 2011

Woe Is Me

I see by today's newspaper that the Post Office cannot make it's 5.5 Billion dollar retiree's benefit payment!

Our Government will never learn. You cannot keep retiring people at about half wages without making a profit on your product. The USPS has never EVER made ends meet, from day one. 
 Well now they do dip into it every once in a while when they need money for another frivolous project.

Now they need more money to try and keep some promises made to retirees. Hang on folks! Postage is going to become so expensive we'll never get anymore JUNK mail. What'll we do?

Abolish the post office? Why not? Private industry can do a better job and at a lot less cost. United Parcel Service is an example. Why aren't they delivering mail now? You see the Government has rules on the first class mail. NO COMPETITION, we can do it better.

Of course I want you to realize it is not their fault, never has been, and never will be.

Soon mail service as we know, it will be a thing of the past, a lot like our Country.

How about the retirement benefits for all of our military veterans? How are we going to keep paying out billions of dollars yearly while our work force is getting smaller and smaller. Maybe India or Bangladesh would donate some money to us.

The only hope our government can see is raising taxes. They've never heard of cutting out the pork barrel, stopping some of our subsides and a lot of useless projects that do nothing but waste money, daily. Financing countries that are at WAR with us.

We must get industry back in this country, take care of illegal immigrants and get rid of the FAKIRS in Washington DC. Make education mandatory and NO easy outs on that. If you don't want college a trade school. Military service for all (male and female). Which could include some of the trades and etc needed in private industry. In other words a young person by the age of 30 could shape his future instead of sitting around wishing and feeling sorry for themselves and making babies in their spare time.

Mandatory drug testing, for all. If controlled substances are illegal, they are illegal, period.

Sorry for the rant but our country is in dire straits and it is from within!

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