Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mom's Birthday

  To day is mom's 92nd birthday and we  had a nice get together at the Medical Care  Facility where she lives in Fremont, MI.
 My 2 sisters Karen (lives in Ohio) and Sandra (Fremont) and myself (Hesperia) were able to sit down and have a pretty good conversation with mom. You see she has Alzhiemer's and some days things aren't so good. Yesterday was exceptionally NICE. I think some of it was do to Karen being here to celebrate as it is about a  6 or 7 hour trip for her, if she doesn't get lost.
 Sandra had called me a week before to make  sure I could be there and of course I marked it down for Sat the 17th. She had mentioned something about it not being on her birthday but I marked it down wrong on the calendar. The time NOON. Well she called at noon on Friday and says are you coming to moms party?
 I said yep tomorrow at noon. NO TODAY AT NOON!!! I said I'll be right there. Its about 12 miles so in 15 minutes I was there. My mpg suffered greatly in route. I wheeled into the drive way and found out Karen was just getting there also. She was a little bewildered by the driveway (she drove by it). But it all worked out and I went in to corral mom. I found her going down the hall in her wheel chair. She was going to eat lunch with the rest of the folks. To say mom is a little stubborn is like saying rain is dry. Finally I told her that Karen was there and that I was insisting that she go with me. All of the aides going by just smiled sweetly and I'm sure were glad they were not me at that particular time. She kept dragging her feet and reaching out for anything she could grab a hold of but I persisted and we finally made it. I told her if she didn't behave she'd get a spanking. That brought a smile to her face and we laughed as she made comments on me getting mad, willow switches (she used on us) and other trivial things.
 A lot of times I go to visit her and I leave in tears as I know she didn't realize I was there. 
Yesterday was one in a million as she recognized us all, at the same time. My tears were happiness for once.

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