Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flowers an Big Stink

 The flowers above I found in some of my wife's stuff. It was marked Morning Glory, Michigan. So I planted them this last spring. Some of them climbed up the old tree about 20 feet and so far the frost has not bothered them. I just found out I don't have to replant them next spring and by planting them I found out why Sally liked them. Very easy plants and once they take a hold they really grow.
 I'm not into flowers but there are a few around here that were planted by the previous owner. A lot of Iris and they do multiply yearly. I thinned them out this spring without checking with my neighbors. Not much was said until I took the lawn mower and mowed down a bunch of them. The ladies said NOBODY ever mowed their Iris. Well I fooled them and they came up and did quite well. Maybe it was luck but I will not tell them that. Already they're asking me what kind of flowers I'm going to plant next spring. I tried to tell them I've just learned to spell Iris but, they look at me like I'm an undocumented alien.
 I was afraid to tell I'm looking for some silk flowers for next summer. I think they'd be just like the Iris and will not need to be weeded.
 Also I've got quite a crop of Moles. I fed them some poison but I think it was an aphrodisiac, there are more tunnels now than ever, so I might have to use my shotgun next.
I've been reading up on them and they have no market value with fur prices being down.
 Also I'd have to start raising them on the neighbors property as I'm running out of room. Did you ever stop to think how many moles it take for a "Moleskin" Coat. It's about like making Hummingbird soup or braised Hummingbird tongues.
 Also I've been trapping some ferral cats. I should say was. You see I set the trap under a living room window (used to be a friendly neighbor) and caught a skunk. Now I set the trap out and somebody goes and takes it inside, for the night. Nobody wants the cats nor do they want the skunks. I guess they thought everything is going to be like ROSES around here, I showed them the difference.

 Just think I've only been here a year and already I created a big stink around here.
  Also we have rabbits, cute little buggers hopping all over the place and eating shrubs and etc. But about the time they get big enough for eating, they disappear. At first I thought it was maybe coyotes or foxes getting them BUT a neighbor told me yesterday they were fine eating. Nothing wrong with that, as he has 4 or 5 kids so, more power to him.
 We had our 1st killing frost last night. There was even frost on the roofs this morning. So the weatherman was right for once. It does seem funny though as we've been mowing our yards at least once a week for the last month.

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Anonymous said...

i always enjoy reading your articles. Get in touch with the local newspaper. They would enjoy having you for a reporter!!! I used to write for the Tryon Bulletin down here. It is the smallest daily paper, with lots to write about. Have a great day in Jesus!! P.S. We also like Gaither, Hoppers, etc. Bill and Gloria came to our church in Michigan in the early 70's. Still sing their songs. Churck Milhoff helped to write "The King is coming". Bob and I didn't know that but Chuck came to our church one time. We enjoyed him. In the days following, the Lord dealt with us about sending money to Chuck. We did and he responded. He said, he had been believing for a new suit and that is where the money went.
Isn't God good!!! Bob and Alma