Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days

The "dog days" of summer are here, with a vengeance and we say "thank God for airconditioning. We are all a bunch of pansies anymore. With our automatic heating and a/c systems our homes, businesses and schools, for the most part are "conditioned" to our likings. We leave our a/c homes and go to work in our air conditioned cars so that we can go to work, for some of us, in a air conditioned work place.
Do you remember mom and dad's gardens. If it was theirs how come us kids had to work in it? To avoid the heat of the day you got up very early and started pulling weeds, hoeing, thinning, transplanting and "looking" for the little pests that would consume the plants overnight, if they got the upper hand. And don't get too wild with the hoe and pull up any of the corn or beans because if it was really bad you might get a"whupping" so that it would not happen again. After a good 3 or 4 hours of work you'd go in the house (hot) maybe for a snack and then get on your bicycle to go for a ride to "cool off". I was very lucky because we lived right near a lake and in two or three minutes we could be swimming. BUT you had to wait an hour after eating and if you had watermelon, you waited a few more minutes. AND then the great "PROMISE" be back at such and such a time. Whether it be an hour or two I was usually late because none of us had a watch, and of course there was no cell phones. We'd play tag, king of the dock and a couple of other games.
Lots of noise made for good swimming

 But we had mothers that could yell each kid could hear his mother quite well, even if she was just a whisper next to your neighbor's mother. The best time for swimming was when dad got home from work and about sundown and as a family we went swimming. A great time where dad could be dad and relax a little and show off his swimming abilities. Mother was more sedate in her swimming but she could "float" and actually take a nap, it seemed.
 When I started dating (late bloomer) 17 or 18 then it was  swimming at night and sometimes that was more fun than even tag. And have you ever tried "skinny dipping"? That of course was another interesting inexpensive night of fun.
  Today, do families still go swimming together? Do they still have family gardens? Do we still have families?
Just Wondering

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