Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes a tear

  Today I was reading an email from  my daughter Kitt. She and her husband and brother in law and his wife are on their vacation. They all are riding on their "Hogs" and learning what heat is.
  They happen to be in the Keystone/Custer/Deadwood area which among other things has Crazy Horse Mem. Mt Rushmore and  Custer St Park. In that general area they filmed Dances With Wolvess so you know it is gently rolling prairie and the granite Black Hills.
 My "don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened" went out the window as I got to thinking about Sally's and my summer there. Hoping that they get to see some of the same things we saw. Some of it took us three months to find.
 Not only the beautiful scenery, but the wonderful people and of course the animals in Custer St Park. I spent hours out there wandering around walking over the hills and experiencing a once in a lifetime thrill for me.
 The only part I regret is I didn't take the camera with me on my walks and that Sally was unable to join in the walks. The buffalo in the park are numerous and they put up with humans, up to a point.

A young buffalo I managed to snap as the sun was setting

There were many antelope and I used to set there and watch the young as they tried out their legs and also their curiosity of life in general.
 One day as I was walking out to see some of the wild donkeys/burros I came upon a young antelope lying on the ground. It was extremely warm and the critter was lying there just panting.

  A pair of antelope shedding winter hair
I walked up to it within 10 feet and just stood there talking to it. Now an antelope is , to me, quite a pretty animal with its markings but quite homely in the face. I talked to this baby for maybe 2 or 3 minutes and as I talked its breathing became less ragged and it looked more relaxed. As I stood there its mother, I was sure, came within site but just stood there watching. Soon the young one got up and staggered over to get some nourishment from mommy and then they both scampered off over a rise in the ground. What amazed me is I thought it was in the process of dieing. I walked up to the rise and there was a whole herd of antelope and on the outskirts of it were 2 coyotes, watching, waiting. I have often wondered if my being there saved that little antelope from the coyotes, I hope so, because we all like a good ending.
  Now when you walk out there you might go a mile or 2 just to get from the top of on rise to the next. I never approached the buffalo and a couple of times I said "oops" as suddenly there they were, grazing toward me.
 I saw quite a few mule deer and was surprised how they were out in the middle of the prairie maybe a mile or two from cover.

 A pair of nice buck muledeer

  The donkeys/burros were friendly if they wanted to be and liked to be scratched behind the ears and etc. You just had to remember that they were a "little" wild and could kick and/or bite in a heartbeat. The young were very friendly and of course were the "darlings" of the herd. Once they were a week or two old they loved all of the attention they could get, if mama would let them.

Sally with one of "her" babies, notice the "prarie dog" mound behind her

Also one day we took an unexplored road, out in the middle of nowhere and came across an old grave. The simple marker said it all

This is a story upon itself. I could not find out very much about the ranch and never did write it down, but evidently was a pretty good size ranch whic was partly in Custer State Park

The only time in my life I saw a triple rainbow and tried to capture it on film but, only two showed up.

  This little bugger, below, was our favorite little donkey. He was born the same night that we had eleven inches of rain in five hours. I spotted him early the  next morning  mama was very protective. We called him "stormy". He got so that when he saw our truck he would start walking right on over to us.
Stormy, only a few hours old


Stormy at about 6 weeks old, with one of his friends. He and Sally had something going

A little bit of color in September
Sometimes it is hard not to feel a tear trickle down your cheek as you come across a picture or a thought crosses your mind. Many times I think "I'll have to tell so and so about this or that and then I remember they're gone and I have to keep it to myself because, nobody else would understand. I'm sure you all have the same problems, darn it.

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Darrell...I loved it and you know what?....I love you too! Keep cool my friend.
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