Monday, June 6, 2011

Wandering Cattle

While we were at Tex Creek, ID one of our jobs was checking for errant cattle. This little herd of cattle was from a ranch a few miles away. I had to get quite voiciferous with the rancher to get him to come and get his "critters"
After Doug and Jerry showed up it took a long 3 hours to get these critters in the elk pen, which just happened to be close by. My job was to stay on the road and keep the critters from trying to cross it and get back up on the hill. These range  cattle like their freedom and are quick and as fleet as a deer, if they want to be. And they were that day, for sure. These are the pictures that I got that day

Jerry on the left was 75 yrs old at the time and had been a cowboy all of his life. Doug was not near the horseman but they did get the job done.
They were 2 days late because Jerry went to town and got, as he said, waylaid, by a woman.

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