Monday, June 6, 2011

More Changes

 As I think about life's changes, I think back to almost 70 yrs ago to Waterford Township, in Oakland County, MI. Living only a couple of blocks from Williams Lk in a new house that dad had built. My bedroom in that house was bigger, I think, than my first house I ever bought in Newaygo County near Fremont, MI.
 I was14 years old with a driver's license, sun-up to sundown, and one of my jobs was taking one of dad's trucks to Detroit to pickup and/or deliver new and used refrigerators to homeowners. Pickup refrigeration parts, freon, Co2 and soft drink syrups, display cases and/or whatever.
 Today I can think of only a few 14 yr olds that I'd let take one of my trucks to Grand Rapids, about the same distance I drove, even if it was legal. Life has changed so much that many 16 yr olds are not mature enough to drive by themselves, anywhere. Those same children can take a computer and make it go to the moon and back, Why the change?
 When I was growing up WW2 had just ended, people still lived and worked on farms, golf courses were for the upper echelon there was no Disney Land. We spent the summers in the water and some of the lucky ones had ski boats. Fishing season started just after school was out for the summer and on opening day, the banks of the lagoon where we lived was lined up with adults and kids shoulder to shoulder doing their best to catch the savory Bluegill or sunfish. 15 cent cane poles were the item of the day and most lawns had marks where somebody had been digging for some angle worms. Inside plumbing was becoming popular then and we'd spend many an hour digging for worms where there used to be an outhouse. At night we'd go bullfrog hunting and then try to talk mom into fixing the mouth watering legs for a snack. Or catch some fireflies thinking they'd be good bait for some of the monster bass. Mother would set out her line every night to catch bullheads. She'd keep them alive until she had enough for a meal. In no time at all she would skin them and that evening we'd have a fish dinner good enough for a king. Every neighborhood had their own ball field. Nothing fancy, just room enough to play and play we did. Every church had a ball team and some of the players played on several teams.
 Then came television. We had the first one as my grandparents sold and repaired radios and etc. I think our first one had a round picture, black and white and lots of snow. We could pickup a couple of Detroit stations and the house would fill with men when there was wrestling. A lot of good natured hooting and hollering would go on in our living room. Also the hot rod races, Ed Sullivan, Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como, Dinah Shore and many other big name Hollywood style people. If I remember right the TV did not come on until after dinner and that was the news with Edward R Murrow, Gabriel Heeter and many others and once in awhile the President would be on. In fact many a night was spent watching Eisenhower, Truman, Dewey and others try to become president. When Eisenhower was inaugurated the first time dad took a TV up to the Williams Lk School so that the different classes could go sit in the hall and watch some of the parade.
 Since that time over 60 yrs ago jet airplanes have become the norm, several men have been on the moon and expressways have be come normal everyday items.
 WW2 was in the near past and stories of the Holocaust were running rampant as were Communists and looking for SS Nazi's so that they could be tried for their war crimes.
 There was no apathy in the country as we were all still licking our wounds.

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