Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011
 Tonight was our monthly soup and desert supper at church. It is a special night as all of the money collected goes to different things and tonights goes to the local food pantry. 
 Each month I try to make something different. I've made pumpkin soup, peanut soup, chicken noodle, country chicken noodle soup, cheese soup and I don't know what all. 

 This month I made some corn chowder.  I did do a lot of sweating making it but with the help of Marcia it turned out real well..
               Me trying to thank son in law, Bill Latsch 
Something else happened tonight also. It seems the girls got together and decided to have a surprise birthday party for me. 3 of the 4 daughters were there, 5 of the grand kids some friends and the rest of the crowd. It was a surprise and I enjoyed it immensely. 
A lot of food, laughs and fellowship and a deep hearted thank you to all.
Back row, Me (best photo of the year), Kaitlin Latsch, Dee Latsch, Scott Latsch, Bill Latsch
 Next row=Colleen Knowles, Marty Newfer, Kristine Knowles, Kathy Rivait, Harley Glynn
Next Row= Scottie Herin, Amber Knowles, Deb Glynn, Kitt Latsch.
Thanks for the evening,
                                                              Old man with a young chick. Kaitlin