Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Happened to Spring

                   This picture shows Gr-Grandsons Carter and Ethan looking out the window at the first snow.

They were excited and I feel like I'm trapped and almost have cabin fever with the weather we've had. I never kept a record of the snow this year but I know we had somewhere between 75 and 100 inches with another 3 or 4 just a couple of days ago. This time we got some freezing rain with it and a lot of people have/had power outages.

          This picture was taken June 13th a few years ago at Tex Creek, Mother Nature at work.

Isn't it funny how the first snow is a reserved excitement and the last snow is descriptivly adamantly shouted and cursed at as we say WE've Had Enough! We want the smell of spring, walking in the mud, tuning up the lawnmowers, boats and campers. Watching the flowers bloom and the buds on the trees as they burst forth or even the first dandelions or maybe even the crocus as it bursts through the snow.
                                                                         Apple Blossom
  The smell of apple and cherry blossoms are more wonderous than anything man can make. Even the wet
                                                                         Cherry Blossoms
earth as we ready our garden plots and of course raking the yards and taking care of the damage done by winters wear and tear.
 Soon the young of the animals, wild and domestic, will be seen by all. Watching a fawn takes its first unsteady steps or even a foal or calf as they arise and find dinner, what a miracle. Soon the puppies and kittens will be available as they outgrow their welcomes.
Josie, Sydney's new puppy.
 The Robins are already chasing each other around and soon some of their nests will be in some of the craziest places. And when they're discovered we'll tip-toe around their nest as we keep a wary eye open for the youngsters and hope they survive when they hop around on the ground.
 Then the mosquitos, our mosquitos, are quite aggresive and we humans are lucky that just the female mosquito bites, instead of a snow shovel, we'll have BUG SPRAYS and rakes and shovels in our hands.
 AHHHHH Spring I can imagine it now. Oh! I've got to get the grill ready.