Thursday, March 31, 2011

Was life better then?

Today I was looking through Facebook and seeing what was on some people's minds, also I looked at Trisha's blog it is titled

"Our Up North Life".  CLICK HERE
 I do have a lot of grandchildren and of course there are a lot of different personalities. They say we are all composites of all of the good and bad experiences, including people, that we've had during our lifetimes.
 In each one of their comments, good and bad I wonder, If I'm responsible for that!
 So before you make that comment or do something remember somebody, someplace, will remember what you said or were doing.

  Most of you younger ones won't remember this but, when our children were born one of the most important items we had to have was a "diaper pail". There were no disposable diapers, a few lucky families got diaper service. The weekly pickup of dirty diapers and the delivery of freshly laundered ones, the ultimate, we thought. Housing was such that the pails were usually in the bathrooms and the strong urine odor permeated the room and it sure cleaned your sinus's every now and then. If you had a washing machine it was always running, if  you didn't, well it was off to the laundry-mat if you  had enough money. Otherwise maybe mom or a friend would let you do a load, to tide (no pun intended) you over.

 Wash day at the laundry-mat was usually the day dad got to babysit, or else he could do the laundry.  I must have baby set because I don't remember going to the laundry with diapers but I do remember being home and bonding with the little ones.
 I also remember being home and wondering if the old car would get mom to the laundry and back or would it break down, again. I remember many a evening was spent either working on our car, or a friends, so that we could all get to work the next day, sometimes it took a lot of neighbors and scrounging around looking for the parts.
 When we were moving from the Pontiac, MI area to Fremont, MI. we needed a car. In 1963 bought a 1956 Ford 4 door with most of my income tax return for $95.00 . Of course then we needed a trailer (it had a bumper hitch) and the rent on that was $15.00 plus a $15.00 deposit and it had to be returned to Pontiac to get our $15.00 deposit back. Then the generator went bad on the Ford and that had to be replaced.
 We made the trip without any problems and I even made the trip back to return the trailer the next weekend, to get my deposit back. Gasoline was around $.29 per gallon and I do remember the deposit money more than paid for the gas on the round trip.
 That particular car lasted us at least 3 or 4 years and then it was replaced with newer 1961 Ford and we paid $125.00 for that one.The old 56 Ford had rusted away to a running heap and was not traded in. So I found some wheels and some tires and welded up a set of duals for the rear wheels. We had a lot of fun with it but it got so that it burned so much oil that it would start grass fires in the fields, so with a tear or two from me, but rejoicing from the neighbors, I parked it.