Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 25,201
 I know spring is coming, it always has before. Another 3 or 4 inches of snow then the freezing rain. I was sure hoping it was going to melt but, guess what? It can't when it is 6 degrees in the morning. BUT wait, it warmed up to 46 in the PM maybe it'll take the snow and ice. NO SUCH LUCK, IT WAS 5 ABOVE ZERO THIS MORNING.
Avery and Owen enjoying their ride in the snow!

 The little bit of snow that did melt turned to ice so it is slippery in some spots. Walking the fields is a joy as there is a crust on top of the snow and even I, stay on top. Rose (dawg) loves it as she can run full out, especially when she thinks she sees a mouse trying to run.  I laugh at her antics as she trys to catch them and once in awhile she does and then brings it to me to admire.
 Also it is interesting to see the lightly imprinted tracks on the light dusting of snow on the crust. All kinds of tracks of all sizes including wild turkeys. The fence rows show the tracks of deer, fox, coyote and even a cat or two and yet when you look across the 100's of acres of fields you might not see anything. Something made the tracks. This morning there were even human tracks and about a size 16 boot. I could almost put both of my size 10's in one of his foot prints. Might have been the real "BIGFOOT", don't you think?
I ran across this crazy picture and thought you'd enjoy it