Sunday, March 6, 2011

Looking For Spring This Morning

Sunday Mar 6, 2011
 A very frosty morning here in Hesperia at 7 AM with 11 degrees showing on the digital thermometer. Rose dancing at the door wanting out and I'm throwing on a coat and I know it is cold as the snow and ice crackles under my feet, the sky is clear with just a hint of blue as I hobble out in the yard wondering, where is spring?
 As I'm keeping an eye on Rose I hear one lone bird singing and I say to myself, A Cardinal, where is it?

 It is clear up to the top of a Maple, easy to see because there are no leaves or even buds yet. He is sitting up there in all of his wonderful bright red with his luxurious spiked crown singing for all of the world to hear and I know spring cannot be far away.