Thursday, February 17, 2011


Jan 11, 2011                    Snow, pure white snow, lots of it!!. So much of it in fact that things sort of came to a standstill in our neck of the woods. Did I run outside to try out my well used snow shovel, NO? After 70 plus years in Michigan it is not my most enjoyable thing to do. I have a neighbor that is outside as the very first snow flake is floating down from the heavens. 
            Imagine, if you can, just the tips of these trees sticking out of the snow. This picture was taken three weeks after our little "storm of 2011"there.                                                                        
 When I awoke this AM I thought it was a little cool in here so I checked the thermostat and said Oh-Oh! It was down to 54 degrees. I fired up the gas oven which really warmed the place up. 
 After I tried to relight the pilot with no luck I called a neighbor and in no time it was relit. As I waited for the fan to come on it was obvious that the fire went back out. I called a repairman and told him the problem and said that the combustion air inlet was plugged with snow. He then explained how it was in the double walled pipe vent that went up to the roof. SO!, how do I get the snow off of the roof. It took  me several tries but I finally made it out of the driveway and unto the unplowed street. Soon I found a couple of guys who would remove the snow and help me out, without charging an arm and a leg.
 They did their job and soon the furnace was working fine. I skipped over a humorous item that happened the first thing this morning. Rosie (dawg) had to go out this morning and I thought nothing of it. She went running out the door bounded across the deck jumped off and disappeared completely under the snow. When she reappeard there was a look of panic in her face as she scrambled to get back up on the deck. I could not help but laugh at her BUT, she had the last laugh, as I grabbed a shovel she peed on the deck, Oh well!