Monday, January 24, 2011

More Snow

 Jan 18, 2010 
Well it snowed last night just about a foot. We were lucky just south of us they had some freezing rain. When I took Rosie out for a walk it didn't take long to make the decision that we did not like it.She did not like having to jump up everytime she wanted to move. We went half our normal distance which is half of what it was before we had any snow. Maybe 150 yards and I was tired of lifting my knees up to my chin to walk. She was ready to quit also even though she did enjoy it a little.
 Jan 20,2010
 I was sort of hoping that some of this snow would disappear BUT guess what? More is forecast for tonight and it has a pretty good start. We're supposed to get about 6 to 8 inches but it'll come with high winds which will make drift and more problems. Cold down in the single digits. Time to keep warm.

 Jan 22, 2010
 It snowed more last night of course and it is now well above  my knees out in the fields. But at least today and yesterday we made the full course, a good 1/4 mile and we did stop to rest 3 times. I had to stop and let my heart catch up or whtatever. Rosie "plowed" a lot of snow and "smelled" a lot of mice which have made tunnels almost 2 feet below. I'm waiting for her to be nibbled on, one of these times..........