Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Home

July 18th 2001
 It's been a long time since anything has been added to our blog, for a lot of reasons.
 First;  The move was a traumatic one for Sally. The excitement of moving and the stress really affected her mentally and of course physically.  
 The trip was uneventful, beautiful weather and the borrowed trailer from Jeff really pulled nice and our Titan pickup was able to pull it very easily.
 Joe and Lisa's beautiful home was a great site as we pulled into their driveway. THEN descisons had to be made, what to do?
 We knew we were welcome to stay there BUT! We'd applied for some housing in the new apartments in town and found out we were "over qualified". We'd even taken a tour and were making plans for whatever reasons.
 We found an apartment, ground level, and decided to rent it. A few things needed to be fixed and we were assured they would be. Needless to say they never were. Also it had been almost 50 years since we'd rented and it was different, to say the least. After a month or so we it was not for us. We'd never signed a contract as some things were never done on their end. 
 Joe and Lisa came over one day and said, something to the affect, that there was a trailer available at their trailer park and they thought it could be had for a great price. It seemed like the owner had died and the rest of the family did not want it.
 A bid was placed and lo and behold we were told that the bid was accepted.
 Then the work was started. A dumpster was brought in and was soon filled with carpeting, broken furniture and the like. Joe an Lisa worked their arses off and soon new laminated flooring, range, refrigerator, hood vent, washer/dryer were installed and even the wals were washed and some painting was done. While they were working inside I was outside pulling out the windows and recaulking them all the while checking for any water damage. Also a new insulated steel roof was installed
 An entrance ramp had been installed by the previous owner so we didn't need to do that for Sally.
 All the while we were doing the repairs Sally's health was degressing, slowly but steadily. Part if it I'm sure is the lack of food. She just doesn't eat.
 Father's Day was picked to move. We only moved about a half mile but I still needed help. It seemed like help was available on Father's Day sooooo.
 At 9AM, instead of church we met our daughter Kitt, husband Bill and her baby Scott (6'4 or 5 and about 250 pounds) for breakfast.
 So to the aprtment we went  where I'd been putting things in the trailer, very slowly. Basically I stood back out of the way and watched the son in law and grandson move us QUICKLY. What I'd been trying to do for 2 weeks was all done in about 3 1/2 or 4 hrs. When they left about 1 PM we were in our new home, lost, bewildered and pleasantly happy and of course a lot of things were helter skelter.
 Lisa was there of course and she'd been putting things away in the kitchen (were still looking). She helped me make the bed and by then it was getting late.
 The next day I went back to the aprtment and found everything in really great shape. Enough so I could turn in the keys & etc.
 The days have been filled with searching and  putting away a lot of our things. I'm gradually getting our spare bedroom emptied out as I'm putting things away where we can find them again, we hope.
 As I mentioned before Sally's health has been steadily deteriorating. Two weeks ago was the last straw and we went to the ER because of a pain in her lower abdomen. Appendix, bladder, hysterectomy had removed most of the easy fixes so it has been a week of cat scans, MRI and many other tests as they try to find out what is causing the pain. 2 masses have been found  one on the lower right lung and one on the adrenal gland. The one on the adrenal gland is quite common we're told but of course it'll have to be checked into. Fluid on the lungs and her stomach and a very low blood count. So an appointment was made for a gastrionialist (sp) and the first thing he said was 2 units of blood. We;; I never knew blood goes in a lot slower than they can suck it out. About a 7 hour  of sitting and watching it being pumped in. They did bring Sally lunch as we did not eat before the 10AM appt. It was 7:30 PM when we were finally told to go home.
 During the long wait I was able to go have lunch with Kitt (daughter) go out to the medical facility to see mother and some other friends, find a wheel chair, take care of some banking and walk around the hospital looking for something to read besides Woman's Day magazines. That took about an hour to find a magazine but was worth it, to me.
I'd forgotten to call Lisa during the day as we were supposed to be to their house for dinner (we didn't make it). When I did finally call her she chewed me out, in her nice way.
 Sat when Sally arose she had a little more color to her and she said the persistant pain was gone, We both thanked the Lord for that and she has continued to just rest. Today we did go to church and they even  had a "potluck".
 Yesterday I went out and found a kitten for her as it has been very lonely since we gave our dog, Smutley, away. We were not taking care of him properly and I made the heart rendering decision to give him away. We only had him for a short while but of course he was just like a child to us. I figured the kitten could be self sufficient with food, water and a litter box. Needless to say Sally just loves the little guy and it also gives me something to take my mind off of a lot of things. We laugh at his antics and hope he works out for us.
 Tomorow, Mon, starts another round with the Dr.s but maybe we can find something out.
 Love to all and thanks for the prayers.
Darrell and Sally and Jake (wildcat).