Friday, April 16, 2010


Wed. March 17th

 I Finally got the trailer loaded and hooked up and ready to leave Cotton Patch Goldmine in New London, NC. The last few days have been rough on both of us. Sally is worn to a frazzle and is trying to help but is really a pain. She is not getting the rest she needs and like anybody else is “cranky”. She thinks packing things to move is putting everything in plastic bags. The totes we’ve purchased are nice but I cannot get her to fill them completely.
 The packing of the trailer in itself is not a great chore if she’d let me do it. But the furniture is, according to her, going to be packed last BECAUSE , she needs “her” chair or the dinette set we’ll need for eating etc. Finally I put my foot down and tell her that I’m loading the furniture. I bring in two plastic lawn chairs and tell her take your choice that is what you’ve got.

 Moving in itself can be stressful and she is trying to help but when you’ve got two “stubborn” individuals moving it can bring about some chaos. After I get the furniture loaded I disconnect the TV interrupting her soap operas, which bring about another conversation, one sided I might add. Taking out the TV is what I should’ve done to start with. With that shut off she has no excuse to stop what ever she’s doing to watch and see who is in bed with whom.

Brad, our neighbor fixes the trailer wiring for me. We laugh as he tells me how if you cross the wrong wires and create a short circuit it is possible to set off the airbags. Took him all of 10 minutes to fix it correctly . People like Brad are what make life interesting and worthwhile.

Thurs. March 18th

 This morning a I have to take down the bed  and the bedding which can be exasperating of course. If anything can go wrong it will and it did. Our half hour morning chores turn into a two hour ordeal. The inside of our trailer is relatively clean but it does need a through cleaning BUT, not by me.

 After we say our good-byes to a lot of special people and we turn out the drive way we discover we’ve got to go to town to the bank to get some money and etc. Well the etc lasts about until 1:30 PM and we leave heading north bound. Sally is tired enough that I have to hold her and help her in and out of the pickup BUT she will not sleep. Our dog Smutley is not a very good traveler so I’d made a spot for him in the back seat with is cage and toys and even a dish with food & water. Actually he was no problem the whole trip and stayed in his cage until we stopped and I got out of the truck. He soon learned that it was his time for attention when I got the leash.

 Each stop means helping Sally go to or from wherever and we laugh as we talk about how we thought it was so sweet to see elderly couples holding hands as they walked. Now we know it is to help hold each other up!

  The price of gas keeps going up and soon it is almost 20 cents a gallon more. As we travel the expressways and look at the big electronic signs telling the price of fuel we actually did see some raise the price as we approached, I called them nasty names. Our little Nissan pulled the trailer real well and we could hardly tell it was behind us as we sped north, running with the traffic. It did not help the mileage but it sure helped the ARABS as it cost us around $200.00 for gasoline.

Fri Mar 19th

We actually made good time, with good weather and after about three of my famous 2 hour naps we arrived in Grand Rapids about 10AM and of course we needed more gasoline. We stopped on the North West side of town and I filled up the tank and called Dan Revoir. We went to school together and like to see each other once in awhile. He was home and came down to see us over coffee. His wife was busy and not available, darn it. It was a nice visit and we made plans to do it again in the near future. By then it was eleven thirty and Sally said some of her friends were meeting at about twelve thirty and she’d like to surprise them. So off we went like a herd of turtles to our new ADVENTURE in life.

In all adventures there are some downfalls and this trip is no exception. We thought we had a place all rented but after screwing around a week or so up here they said we’re over qualified. So much for my favorite government and their programs.

Friends are a mainstay in life and up here we’ve found them again and everyday we run across more of them as we go about life. Though we made some friends in all of our travels there is just something about home-town friends.

April 1, 2010

Well we found an apartment probably even handier than the one we though we had. Even a little less money but not as new, by any means. We had to wait for them to put in new carpeting and inlaid linoleum so that took a few days. It’s a good thing we got this 2 BR because it gives us a room to store some of our stuff, or junk. Of course we’ve had to find some furniture and everybody has been so helpful.

April 14, 2010

We’re pretty well set up in our apartment now and it being on the ground floor has helped with Sally’s weakness in the legs problem. We’ve even got a garage to put our vehicle in. I’ve been busy as I found out I have to mow the lawn but I guess I’ll live through it. I found an old lawnmower that has seen better days but runs good and it even cuts grass! And it cost a lot less than the one we used to have 12 years ago. I don’t feel like I have to keep up with the Joneses anymore.

Tomorrow Sally starts some tests with an MRI and then Friday is a stress test (chemical kind). She is of course anxious about what might be wrong with her but wants to get to the bottom of it.

Our new mailing address is PO Box 350, Hesperia, MI 49421 and believe it or nor our "new" phone number is the same one we had when we moved away so many years ago and it is 231-854- 4882.


Darrell & Sally w/Smutley (Dawg)