Sunday, March 14, 2010


When we started this adventure who'd thought that we'd have the adventures that we have had. First most of the people have been terrific.

 Second, not very many people can say "I've done that".

We not only traveled to different places but we got to experience the areas, in other words, how they lived. Our best example was Idaho where we were amongst the LDS (Mormons). They are some of the greatest down to earth people that we've ever known. Their focus on families I think are the greatest of any of the peoples we've ever been around. They are fiercely independent, self sufficient, and for lack of a better description, religiously precise in their belief's. Our 2 summer's at Tex Creek WMA, I think, was the pinnacle of our adventures.

The people we met including but not imited to these were Terry and Cathy, Walt and Sue (who told us about Tex Creek), Matt and Holly, Trent, Craig, Stucky Family, Croffs and many, many others. The unforegettabe birth of the twin moose calves, ek, deer, birds, and the ever present "stray" cattle plus all of the visitors that we met. The fire that was started by a couple of guys who were trying to boil crayfish. Neil Thaggard who with his trusty bow harvested a great bull moose. We still get to see Neil every once in awhile on TV. He is an Exec Dir or something for the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep. His face shows up every once in a great while with Wade Boggs and the other guests.

Our 7 weeks in Shingle Springs, CA, where we got reacquainted with an Aunt and Uncle after so many years. Where I learned so much more about our family. Now I don't mean family tree I mean about everyday things. Things that when I was a kid, you didn't ask about because it would've come back with the comment of NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS if there was an answer, at all.

Our quick stop in Elko, NV where we visited with Don and Marlice that we met wile at Tex Creek.

Apache Junction, AZ where we stopped to visit with Mingo and Norma Gomez and ended up managing a RV Park for 3 or 4 months and made so many friends and also some once in a lifetime experiences where peoples hart's were opened up to help a homeless man. Where we met Jeff and Cindy and so many more. Where musical jam sessions were held amost everynight by the winter snowbirds

Weeki Wachee, FL where we met Dave and Jean and fed the WHITE catfish

 Texas where we met so many of Joe and Lisa's friends and our experience at S Padre Island where we had to use the little ferry because the bridge had been hit by some barges. Also we worked there at a spot that the manager was, he thought, 2 maybe 3 levels above us Workampers. He literally looked down on us and treated everyone with contemp. We left there with big smiles as we were so happy. From there up to Del Rio, TX where Lloyd and Judy were working. We ended up working at a park called Lonesome Dove. What a great place and we made some life long friends and also some very interesting people also. Some of the special people were Del and Chuck, Mike and his wife, Rolf and Mae.

 Salmon, Id where things didn't work out at all but it was a very pretty place and then on to Hardin, MT and from there to Custer, SD and Crazy Horse Memorial where me met some more great people. Among them Verne, Duane, Mrs. Z and so many others.

 We've met so many people that it boggles the mind. Amongst them singers, Naval Commanders- -Admirals-even swabees policemen, cowboys. Every branch of the service. We enjoyed many a evening with a retired 4 star General and all other ranks. We even befriended a homeless alcoholic and heped him get his own trailer in the park where we were at in Apache Junction. We attended reverently from a distance a couple of hero's funerals.

 Up on the Southern Shore of Lake Superior where we had a great summer and met yet some more great people amongst them were Mark, Jim and the Rangers. A very nice group of people.

 In NC where we've learned a little about gold (there is never enough) and met some awful nice people. We can laugh and joke and tell yankee and red neck jokes on each other. The miners, Carl, Ronnie, Jackie and the rest. The customers that have returned again and again here at the Cotton Patch Gold Mine.

 A lot of the people that we've met, have passed on to the great campground in the sky, where I'm sure we'll meet them by and by. I can see them now, sitting around a campfire, laughing, telling jokes, even shedding a tear or two and the prayers as we a gather together to share in our potluck dinner.

 Inevitably sooner or later things come to an end, our years of traveling the length and breadth of the US has reached its climax.

 We'll be leaving NC within a week or two and heading back to MI. We've put in applications at a couple of places for apartments but we haven't heard from them yet. Like the rest of our adventures (that is what this is also) we'll be travelling on faith.

 We're going home, while we can. Sally has a mobility problem and she has a heck of a time in our fifth wheel entering and leaving. She cannot or will not take the dog for his walks. She is afraid of falling and I do not blame her for that.

 JUNK!, man, do we have junk! How can a couple that live in a RV have so much stuff (junk)? Jeff is letting us use his enclosed trailer and it is going to be full when we leave here.

Darrell and Sally