Thursday, November 26, 2009

July 2007

Sally is all smiles over the "expensive" dinner we had

Today, Sally slept all afternoon. Neither of us could believe that the excitement of seeing Betty would tire her out so much. Tonight she went to bed at her usual time of 8PM and now at 8:20 she is out like a light. They say it takes 5 years to recover from a stroke. I would like to believe that but, I believe for what it is worth, that one probably never fully recovers.

Temperature here has been hot as in warm, very warm but thankfully there is not any humidity. My boss just called and said that the air conditioning will be on tomorrow in the office. You would think he was paying the light bill. I don’t want to say he is cheap but he sure is frugal!

After the 4th of July weekend things have been slow around here. Starting next week the reservations are back up into the 80% area and then shortly will be the RALLY. Even though we are a good 55 miles from Sturgis we are booked up for RALLY WEEK. Everybody says once you’ve survived Rally Week you can survive just about anything.

Monday, July 15, 2007 Temp in the 90's, hazy

Yesterday it was a SCORCHER I know it was over a 100 degrees up in Rapid City and it was a few degrees cooler here but still in the high 90’s. I worked in the office from 8 AM till about 6:15 and thankfully the A/C was on. Sally had fixed some chicken so we had dinner and I said let’s go for a ride. We went out to CSP to see what we could find. We only found 4 or 5 single bull buffalo as all of the others had to be someplace cooling off. We did notice that the female Antelope are starting to herd up but, the males are still solitary or in groups of 2 or 3. Also I never knew that Antelope had so many sets of twins. The young (FAWNS) Antelope are fun to watch as they run around in their graceful exuberance. If you watch them long enough you’ll see them studying some far off object. Last night we watched as one young Antelope spotted a lone turkey of in the distance. He approached the bird cautiously and then, scampered away when the bird stretched out its neck and gobbled.

The wildfires in this area seem to be out and/or contained and the new grass growing in one area we saw had a few deer & Antelope grazing. We still do not allow any campfires here in the campground and in CSP they now have signs up that say NO SMOKING and they mean it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

HOTTTTTTTTTTTTtttttttttttttt!! In the high 90’s till last night. A storm came through about midnight and cooled things off. Verne said we got 41/100th of an inch of rain. The ground soaked it right up and it stayed almost cool today. Of course after the rain we had humidity and it seemed warmer than it was. This afternoon we had rain and a little hail. North of us up at Hill City they had 4 inches of hail and some of it the size of baseballs, a lot of damage to electric, telephone lines and motor vehicles from the size and the amount of hail.

With last nights rain and the humidity of the air today we are allowing campfires tonight. So we have some happy campers as they sit around the fires and get all stinky.

A bright blue sky
I’ve been working between 10 & 11 hours a day and I’m not used to it. The bad part about it is most of it is office work. Boring-boring-boring, a lot of people calling and asking about the campground. Almost all are asking about a pool. When I say NO POOL they usually hang up. We have had some drive off when we tell them we do not have Wifi.

This summer has been good for us but we also have missed some important events back home. We’ve missed some birthday get-to-gether celebrations, some births, some good old fashion fellowship and some send off’s for some relatives and friends who have made the big trip home. Death is inevitable but why must it come? Just when it seems that you finally know how to understand a person, in this life, they depart and then we say they weren’t such a bad person after all.

Our trailer is now approaching 10 years of age. Really we’ve had very little trouble with it when you consider we live in it 24 hours a day and 12 months of the year. A couple of years ago we put new tile in the kitchen and entranceway. A couple of years ago my nephew rebuilt the outside door for us whil we were in Ft Myers. Carriage wanted $800.00 for a new door. He fixed for about $30.00, plus his labor, which there was no charge. At the same time we replaced the landing gear on the trailer which was about $400.00. Very simple to fix and we had to do ourselves as the people we paid to do it could not seem to do it right. We’ve had 3 new awnings because they got damaged in the wind. Roof damage because of driver error, or maybe it was the navigators fault. We did buy a set of tires in California. Then we’ve had the normal hoses for water & sewer that sort of rot out and have to be replaced. A new pop off valve for the hot water heater. A new printed circuit board for the water heater $125.00. A new black water tank (sewer) a new gray water tank (sink & shower water). We did buy a freezer (small). We put an air mattress on the bed (it was toooooo much money).

Our first winter out we bought a new recliner, we’ve got a new one ordered now. I’ve packed the wheel bearings at least once every 18 month. They’re supposed to be packed once a year or 12,000 miles. No problems so far.

I had to put on new “pins & clips” on the suspension system. That cost less than $30.00 and was done about a year ago. We had a malfunction in the nose of the trailer where the pin box (where the trailer hooks up) this spring. When the trailer was built almost 10 yrs ago a hole was drilled in a piece steel in the nose o the trailer. The hole was for all of the electrical wires to run through. It was drilled to close to the edge and it time the beam split there as it was the weakest part. If I hadn’t hit that 2nd ski jump in Wyoming this spring everything would have been okay. So that repair was if I remember right about $250.00 and then a couple of weeks ago I finished that all up with new bolts and every thing and have got about $25.00 more into it. A couple of weeks ago a heavy hail storm came through and cracked a skylight. So I’ll replace all three at a cost of less than $50.00. I also still have 2 more backing plates with brake assemblies and then we’ll have new brakes on the trailer all the way around. I’ve had to caulk the roof and the windows (you even have to do that with a house). The truck’s transmission we fixed once and lots of tires we bought the first 4 or 5 years. Now that we’re not driving so much our tires last longer.

All in all that is not to bad or almost 10 years of full timing. The truck has 150,000 miles on it and the trailer has close to 80,000 miles. Would we do it again? You bet we would. With the new innovations in the trailers now-a-days we would get these items.

41 foot with 3 slides toy hauler. The “toyhauler” trailer has a garage in the back to haul ATV’s, motorcycles or whatever. We would use that area for an entertainment (party) area. There would be room to play cards with a lot of elbow room or if necessary a mud room.

The new trailer would have disc brakes, fiberglass or plastic roof, heat pump, hydraulic leveling system, a real toilet, 2 door refrigerator, a stacked washer & dryer (the dryer would be hooked up for 220 volt). Bedroom A/C, Mor/Ryde or air ride suspension, awnings over the slideouts. “Auto Track” satellite dish. “Datastorm” or equivelant internet satellite dish

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At least it doesn’t cost a lot to dream. As it is now we’re thankful for what we have and for our health.

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Darrell & Sally