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Custer to New London 9/07

STORMY, 50 lbs of lovable curiosity, mom is in the background

Sept 21, 2007

The buffalo are really getting in bigger herds as well as the deer & antelope. Whitetail bucks seem to be abundant and of course some have very large racks. The Mule deer does, which are heavier bodied, are all being herded up by the bucks and we also see quite a few of them. Turkeys galore we usually see well over a hundred turkeys every night, when we go out. Most of them are this years broods but, every once in awhile we see a big Tom.

Another daughter, Lisa Gerdes and her sister-in-law Mary Nyman made a quick visit and we had a enjoyable time showing them the sites and local eateries. Also Lisa brought their new little Shihtzu dog, Hattie. A lively puppy with a personality and as agile as only a puppy can be. The first night our dog, Aimee, did not want very much to do with that rambunctious little devil. We also made a trip up to Deadwood as I had a meeting there, so the ladies enjoyed themselves. If any of you see Lisa ask her about a deal she got on some souvenirs.

Business in the campground is quite slow so I’m getting time to paint a few signs and touch up some other items. Our customers, in the campground, seem to be a lot of foreigners traveling the so I hear a lot of different accents.

Our truck is seriously ill and we haven’t been able to find a used rear axle housing and suspension system for it yet. I took it in for a pinion seal leak and told them to check it out. The bearing was bad and to make matters worse is the fact the bearing race (the collar that holds the bearing) had spun in the cast iron housing. So now that has to be replaced before we leave here. So the salvage yards are looking in the multi (8) state area but so far no results.

When it is fixed we will head out of here about Oct 8th, give or take a day or two and head for North Carolina

We plan on stopping in Fostoria, Iowa to see the Jans family, that we met in TX last winter and then onto Weaubleau to see the Jackson’s who we met in Idaho a few years ago.

My nephew, Jeff Pickett, has bought a gold mining operation and it has a RV camp on it. So he is asking for a little help and we plan on doing it.

The weather is unsettled and winter is in the air. Yesterday it was in the 80’s and today in the 60’s and wind out of the north. Tonight the wind has shifted and is now blowing out of the south and it has actually warmed up after sundown and the wind has let up, considerably and is supposed to be in the high 70’s tomorrow.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where does the time go? I find myself saying that more & more as I get older, darn it. Yesterday was the first trip to the state park since Lisa & Mary left. The Aspen are all in their golden glory and the feel & smell of fall is in the air, for sure. The temps have been in the 40’s & 50’s during the night and back up to the seventies during the day. We’re hoping that Oct 1st is a warm day for the buffalo roundup. According to yesterdays paper 12,000 people were at last years’ roundup. The state park has suggested a list of things that may be needed for that day including but not limited to----layered clothing, rain gear, hats, folding chairs and last but not least sunscreen. That covers just about everything except swimming & fishing, I think. This weekend is a really festive time in the park as they’ll have an art festival, Buffalo Wallow Chili Cookoff, an auction of life size buffalo that have artist’s do-dads on them. Saturday in Hot Springs they’re having a Cowboy Poetry and music Gathering with quite a sum of money for the best poem. I would like to be there but I’ve got to work as we need money for the truck repairs.

This morning when I took Aimee out for a walk there were 10 Whitetail deer right across the road from us. All appeared to be does and fawns. One fawn had little nubbins. Then as I was walking up towards the office, 15 minutes later, there were 5 more deer all bucks and 2 of those had horns in the 6 or 8 (Eastern count) point range, and they again went down by our trailer. A camper was outside and I told him the biggest one was mine and he said it was a tempting sight, for sure.

By the middle of Oct. everything will be closed around here except for a very few places. Already a lot of businesses are boarded up for the winter.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It’s been busy around here but in a weird way. No customers to speak of but screwed up hours up at the office. I work from 8 AM till 1 or 1:30 then back about 4 or 5 till 7:30.

Today I went in and was back home by 10:30. That part is ok as it is a beautiful day and tomorrow it is supposed to rain and turning to snow by Sunday. Also Lloyd & Judy Berryman showed up, to spend a few days on their way to Texas from They had to renew their driver licenses in City Sioux Falls so they came on out to the Black Hills. It is nice seeing them. We worked with them in Michigan a few years back and we try and see each other at least once a year.

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Daughter, Kitt and her baby, Scott

Last Monday Oct 8th was the 42nd Annual Buffalo Roundup out at CS Park. A lot of people 11,000 showed up to watch them round up about 800 buffalo, that figures out to be a little over 8 people per each buffalo. There were people from all over the world. We talked to people from S Africa, and a lot of others. All of them were GUNG-HO over the whole deal. Some of the Asians had all of the Western clothing on that they could find. All in all it was an OK experience. The biggest fault I could find was that we were to far away from the action. The closest action was about ½ mile away. Now remember out here you can see forever it is just hard to take pictures without all of the telescopic lenses & etc.

Tonight I’m trying to figure out which route to take to New London, NC. We had a visitor this summer from Fostoria, IA that we met in TX last yr and we’ve got to try and stop by there. Then there is Walt & Sue in Weaubleau, MO and good old Plumbob in Reyno, AR, Bob & Dot in TN that makes a over 1900 mile journey and a week more travel time. If we go to Michigan it is a lot more miles and another 15 to 20 hours of traveling time, without stopping at Walt & Sues and Plumbob’s. To say it puts us between a rock and a hard spot is putting it mildly. We’d like to stop and see a lot of others also but it just isn’t going to be. Today fuel is $3.25 per gallon in downtown Custer. If you figure that out at 8 MPG for 1900 miles is 237 gal of fuel and priced at $3.00 per gal that is $712.00 for just fuel. Just a few years ago (5) we could travel all month or more for that kind of money. Our new address will be "" Cotton Patch Gold Mine
41697 Gurley Road New London, NC

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