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Adventure 4.0 April 2003

Some of the OLD Bob Wills band "The Playboys"

Adventure 4.0
Motley County domino Champs

April 11, 2003 Clear, breezy, hot, Low 45 High 88

When spring comes to Texas it really comes on. Almost like mountain weather with cool nights and hot days. Our neighbor Chuck Richards is so sick with the affects of chemo from fighting lung cancer that it bothers us to watch. His wife Del is doing a superb job of nursing him with just a little bit of “lift” help from volunteers in the park.

Most of the “Winter Texan’s” have left Lonesome Dove now and are headed towards their homes all over the US. There are a lot of vacant lots and it seems quite strange.

Today we got the truck back from the transmission shop and it hasn’t run so well in a long time. Also it was $200.00 cheaper than the estimate and for that we are truly thankful.

This afternoon we got a distressing phone call from Marsha Mullinex of Eddyville, KY. Her husband Chuck had just been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. We ask you add him to your Prayer lists. Chuck is the same man that took me “jug” fishing for catfish a couple of years ago and also lived in Hesperia many years ago. Also his brother Reginald was diagnosed with lung cancer just a couple weeks earlier.

We’re anticipating leaving here the first of the week and going up towards Matador, TX to see Gordy and Linda Ruhl. My friend, the bearded wonder, is a cancer survivor and a former driver for Herin Bros. of Hesperia, MI. Each year we’ve been able to see them and laugh and cry over some of our troubles past & present. As only truck drivers and their wives can do.

Tuesday, April 15th, 2003 Low 65 High 76 Cloudy wind out of the South about 25 MPH.

This morning we help get chuck loaded in the car for his weekly trip to San Antonio. He is so weak and we see him and his wife Del off with tears and the fervent hope that Chuck can beat this cancer.
I can’t believe it. We’re going North and WE’VE GOT A TAIL WIND. We almost always are going into the wind and this is really a pleasant surprise.

We make it to Sweetwater, TX and pull into a RV Park for the evening. There are all kinds of storm & tornado warnings out and we can’t tell a darn thing by listening to the FM radio. So about 4 PM we’re all set up and watching the radar on TV. The major storms are just 30 miles ahead of us so it looks like we made a good choice on stopping.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003 Low 48, High 77

Windy, very windy, a lot like Texas, right out of the West Northwest probably at about 30 miles per hour. It is a good test for the transmission and it seems to be ok.

At a wide spot in the road in Kent County, TX where the town of Claremont used to be and we stop and take a picture of the old jail that we told you about before.

Friday, April 25, 2003 Sunny Low 45, High 80’s

We’ve been busy doing a little sightseeing and visiting with Gordy & Linda Ruhl who have a daughter (called) junior, and 3 grandchildren they are staying with them until October when her husband gets back from Kuwait. To me it is quite amazing that 2 women can live under the same roof with out committing a heinous crime of some kind or another. We wish them luck through the coming HOT summer.

We’ve had about 3 ½ days of rain and the cotton farmers are really happy. Each time it rained at least one inch, which comes to something well over 3 inches in the last 10 days. The bad part about it is that when it rains down here it rains horizontally not vertical. A lot of run off and erosion is rampant in the far off non-tillable fields. The rancher pickups and trailers are all a dull red from the red clay Last Saturday we thought we’d go to a rodeo in Paducah, TX. It was to start at 2 PM. So we out to check out a Wildlife Management Area. 28,000 acres set aside for the care of deer, turkey, quail and other types of wildlife. They have a place to check in when you go in and you’re welcome to drive around and see the sights, which we did. A trip of any kind must have a down side and ours was getting stuck in the sand back in the far corner of the area. I called a wrecker and he wouldn’t come out because he was afraid he’d get lost. So Linda & I started walking back towards the entrance. After 1-½ hours we met a park ranger whom the wrecker driver had called and told of our plight. The first thing he told us was that we still had about 12 miles to walk towards the phone and the second thing he said was “he thought he could pull us out”, which he did. Probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met in Texas when I’ve been stuck.

By the time we got back to Paducah it was almost 5 PM. What a surprise when we pulled up to the 4 corners and had to wait for the kid’s parade which was supposed to start at 1 PM. The parade lasted about ½ hour and of course had a lot of horses. We went to a local restaurant to quench our thirst before we headed home. Later we found out the rodeo hadn’t even started at 5:30 and it was supposed to start at 2 PM, such is the life in Texas.

One thing, which I’ve remembered while here, is that Gordy loves Dominos. He can win so fast it makes your head spin. Also his wife Linda is no slouch either.

This weekend in the town of Turkey, TX is Bob Wills Day’s. You all have heard his rendition of San Antonio Rose which was his signature piece of music also he was in some Tex Ritter and other western movies of that era. A town of probably 300 will end up having over 10,000 people for the 2 days of Bob Wills style of music. Campers, trailers, motor home and a few tents are parked wherever there is room. It is quite a sight to see and not unlike “Prairieville” in Michigan where they celebrate traditional country music every Labor Day Weekend.Tomorrow (Sat) is the parade at 10 AM and then Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys for the for the rest of the Day. Of Course Bob Wills has passed away but many of the Playboys will be there to play his style of Western Swing Music

This is the time of the year when the ranches are rounding up their cows & calves for the dehorning, castration, shots & etc Then loading them up and trucking them off to greener pastures. Literally 75 to 100 semi loads are hauled off each day from this area

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Low 70’s High 80’s and WINDY
We don‘t want anybody to think that this part of the state is overpopulated but Motley County has population of 1267 and 600 live in Matador. Loving County. has a population of only 44 and the others around here are just as thinly populated. I believe there are more tractors in each county than there are humans. Also there appears to be a very large population of wild turkey, deer both white tail & mule deer, quail, dove and of course the ever present “Wild Hog”. These are feral, in other words domestic hogs that have gone wild over the last 2 hundred years. They are considered vermin and the season is open year around. I didn’t go after any hogs this year because of apathy and we didn’t get here until the opening of turkey season. There is no way you’re going to get permission to go after hogs during turkey season. Also Texas is a hard state to get permission to hunt. Everybody wants to charge you at least $100.00 a day to walk on their land and if you get a trophy that is extra.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving Gordy & Linda and continue on westerly bound and then north towards Idaho. If you get out your road atlas you’ll be able to see our projected routes towards Ririe, Id. It’ll be interesting to see how close we follow our itinerary.

From Matador we’ll take Texas 70 west towards Clovis, New Mexico US 60 all the way across the state to route US 180 at Eager, Arizona toward Flagstaff, AZ then west on I-40 to US 93 north through Las Vegas up into our adopted state of Idaho and Tex Creek WMA. Once we get there we’ll set up housekeeping for the next 6 months.


Monday, April 28th, 2003 Sunny NOT TOO WINDY Low 60’s Hi 88

We finally get around to leaving about 10 AM after telling Gordy good-by, forgetting to get our mail, which is why we’re so late on the get go and head westerly bound towards New Mexico. About 3 PM we pull into a small RV Park in Fort Sumner, NM. I believe their only claim to fame is the burial plot for Billy The Kid. A desperado of the 1800’s. We do the customary museum tour and are really disappointed in what we see. We did meet a very interesting black family out of NY City on their first trip to New Mexico.
Back at our RV I’m finishing up the water and sewer hook-up’s when a young compactly built and muscular man from next-door came over and introduced himself. He told me he was an evangelist. His wife sang and they were at the United Methodist Church just 2 blocks down the road for this week.

Needless to say we went and found out that this man is/was a cowboy and had a very interesting message and an astounding way of presenting it. His wife is an accomplished singer and they also have a message to tell about the 22 month old boy who was supposed to be born with cerebral palsy but is a typical boy.

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