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Adventure 3.4 Aug 2002

Sunday, August 18, 2002
There are several ways to tell summer is over for us; one is that the Aspen trees are starting to turn into their beautiful yellow/gold fall hues; two the bitterbrush is turning it’s deep red hue.
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Three is, the days are warm and the nights are quite cool; fourth and final is Scott, grandson, is going home so that he may start school. The 3 weeks that he has been here have been revitalizing to say the least. We’ve been on the phone with his mother & dad trying to make connections. If you remember Scott came out here via semi with a man who also lives in Newaygo, MI. That man, Rex fell out of his semi-trailer, cracked some ribs maybe more and is in a hospital in Nevada. Our prayers are with Rex as he’s recovering enough to get home.
We’re going to take Scott as far as Little America, Wyo., where his dad and friend Harley will pick him up next Friday. I’m sure that is going to be another story because you won’t believe what happened to us today.
This morning at 10:00 AM we were driving to the top of telephone hill (the grainery). As we were leaving the driveway I told Scott were going to see a coyote and a grizzly bear today. He said why is that? Well we didn’t bring a gun. As we made our left turn to go up the hill there was a coyote standing right in the open field. I just laughed and continued on. I made a call to his parents and back down the hill he we went. That coyote was still there so I stepped on it drove like a madman and Scott ran in got the little 22 magnum. I told him to get that one because I just knew that coyote wouldn’t be there. Well he was, Scott loaded the gun as we slid to a stop and I got out to shoot. It was my turn as he had missed one yesterday. I shot 5 times at the little darting animal as it zigged zagged across a very large open field I hit it twice but it continued on. Well grandma had breakfast ready and we had to go back because very rudely we didn’t talk to her when we picked up the rifle. She was yelling something to the effect that breakfast was ready and she didn‘t cook this for her health, you know what moms say. We did get to eat and then go back out to get the wily coyote.
As for the Grizzly there hasn’t been any officially reported in this area for around a 100 years, same for wolves but, as Terry says its only a matter of time because we have both within 50 miles of us in Wyoming.
Travis one of the college kids left Thursday, he has promised to keep in touch via/e-mail, we’ll see.
Terry the boss is off on his 2-week vacation backpacking up into the mountains with his whole family and you know what that means, everything goes to pot.
Trent and his wife went to Alaska fishing last Wednesday, Terry left Friday morning and the generator that runs the water pump sprung a water leak at its own water pump. We called Onan (Cummins Intermountain) in Idaho Falls and we’re hoping for it to be fixed this week. I set the generator on manual control so that I can check the water level in the radiator every hour or so. Saturday the motor started running very rough and I figured the distributor was getting wet from the water leak. Well I rounded up tools and stuff and checked the cap and it was dry. Put the cap back on and it wouldn’t run at all (my good luck?). Thought well maybe I’d better check the fuel tank as it has its own 500-gallon LPG fuel tank. It said zero, I laughed at myself and said now what. We have 4 of those 500-gallon tanks and all of the others are at least 100 yards away. Well I went up in the fuel shed and found some 30-pound LPG tanks and hooked 1 of those up. 30# of LPG is about 7 gallons; it doesn’t last very long running a 4-cylinder engine badly in need of a tune-up. Now we have to find out who the supplier of LPG is for the Tex Creek WMA and why we should use 500 gallons since Memorial Day for one generator. Which normally lasts over a year
Sunday, August 25, 2002
Since last Tuesday we’d been nursing the generator for the well and Onan still hadn’t shown up. About 3 PM I told Sally that I might as well go to town and get the E-mail. As we started to leave the driveway Scott looked back and said Grandma was chasing us with a 4- wheeler She said you didn’t take the garbage, I wondered to myself, what else is new? Well we went back got the garbage and I said I might as well get the phone, never can tell. So Scott and I meandered in towards Idaho Falls going in the back way. When we’re about 10 miles from town the phone rings. It never rings, not my phone, never ever! I answered it and the guy says where you at? I said on my way to Idaho Falls. He said this is Ed- - - Ed Dean, I’m at the Ririe Post Office. The Connection was lost as I went down a hill. I looked at Scott incredulously as I looked for a place to turn around. All the while I’m trying to explain how I can’t call back because I don’t know his number! A few minutes before the phone rang we’d noticed that the speedometer wasn’t working, the ABS light was on and the overdrive light was flashing and the transmission was shifting like a racing trans. So I said hook your seat belt I won’t know how fast I’m driving and it’ll be one less thing to worry about. Soon the phone rang and Ed says hey, were at the post office and we’re going to the little convenience store. I said ok we’ll be there. It took us about 15 minutes as we shook hands and even exchanged hugs. They then began telling how they’d been trying to contact us for 2 days and they’d left voice mail messages and etc. This was the last try and they were surprised that I answered. You know isn’t it strange how things work out? Normally I never take the phone and Sally was fixing a large dinner, as it would be Steve’s last night at Tex Creek. Was this just a fluke or was it? Well they wanted to go to Tex Creek and take their trailer. I said ok we’ll take you in the longer way it’ll be a lot smoother. To make a long story short as Scott rode with Ed and I had Betty leading Ed back into Tex Creek. After I knew that Scott would know where he was we left Ed behind in the dust and hurried to headquarters. Sally was outside and had an inquisitive look
on her face as I pulled up to a stop. With the tinted windows it’s hard to see in and all she could see was 2 heads. But when Betty got out of the truck Sally was all smiles as she and Betty embraced. Soon Ed showed up and we got their trailer situated and went in and sat down and listened as they told us about their Alaskan trip from which they were just returning.
Still having daylight I asked Ed if he wanted to for a ride? Of course he said yes and I took him for a short ride in the allotted daylight that we had. We never saw an animal of any kind. The next morning Ed & I went into Idaho Falls to see about getting the truck fixed. They said they could fix it and we got a loaner (my extended warranty includes a rental vehicle), which happened to be a Focus. We laughed at our selves as we drove the little car back towards Tex Creek. Using the phone we found out the gals were in Rigby at the Ben Franklin. We stopped and had lunch with them (Ed bought) and the local library let me check out our e-mail. Then we headed for Tex Creek and again we had to laugh at ourselves, as the little car couldn’t go over any rocks of any size so we dodged them. We got back and I fueled up the 4 wheelers and Ed (this is a direct quote) “don’t go fast, my back and the arthritis I just can’t take a chance”. Well we didn’t go fast, mainly because I had Aimee (dog) riding in front of me and he was following and soaking up all of the dust. In all we went about 20 miles and I lead all the way until we got to a spot where I knew he wouldn’t make a wrong turn and then I said I’ll follow you. As I meandered down off the hill I could see dust about a ½ mile down the road. I don’t know what Ed calls fast but I was running 40 and never did catch him. I couldn’t contain my laughter when I saw his face when I got back. You don’t soak up the dust here you wear it and he was wearing his share. I should also add that we saw nary an animal.
The next morning Ed & Betty were getting ready to leave for Cody, Wyo. I rode with Ed for the 14 mile drive out and we saw 1 moose, some grouse and 1 coyote.

If we come back next year Ed & Betty said they would also come back to Tex Creek.
We were going to Little America, Wyo. to meet Bill and Harley who were picking Scott up. We got there plenty early and still were able to enjoy some of the sights along the way. We checked with Bill and he said they’d be there at 6 AM. So we got a room and then went to dinner where Scott got his Belgium Waffle and a chocolate, peanut butter, banana milk shake and he got the tin that they made it in also which made the price of $2.50 real reasonable. All of this was at Penny’s Diner in Green River Wyo.
The next morning at 4 AM there was knock on the door and Bill (Dad) and Harley were there. It was 6 AM, MI time. We had breakfast together and Bill told us about his accident at work how he shorted out 480 volts with his Channel Lock pliers. We thank God that it was just 1st degree burns on his arms and face. The eyelashes will grow back and the metal is out of his eyes now and he did go back to work. Harley told us of his knee operation and the resulting infection and how a hospital stay took care of the pain. He is scheduled to go back to work Sept. 9th. He has been off work ever since last winter because of a car accident
Saturday, August 31, 2002.
This week has just flown by and we’ve been real busy and the cattle trespass is in full swing. I put on over 200 miles on the ATV just chasing cattle and fixing fences. I’m supposed to notify the ranches when there is a cattle trespass but I honestly believe that they care less. As long as we’ve got pasture and water the cattle are happy and so is the owner. Over at the Stucki Ranch somebody went through and cut his new few fence in 4 different places so that they could get through. Nice people. So we’ve got his cattle all over now. He knows they’re out and until the US Forest service does something about his cut fences the cattle will stay out. I go down twice a day and make sure they stay off of WMA land. The forest service has a lot more land anyway.
Day before yesterday over at the Painted Porch Ranch they had a calf die for some unknown reason. When they found it had been half devoured by the coyotes. I went over and sat on a hill last night and watched 5 coyotes try to get in for dinner. There were approximately 150 cows in the field and of course they all had to come up and see what I was doing. I managed to get 2 shots but a coyote is a small target at over 200 yards when it’s running through a herd of cows. I saw the owner of the ranch today and he told me never come over and miss any coyotes on his place again. He said one sat outside his bedroom window and another at the horse pen and talked about how Darrell had missed them. He & his wife said coyotes talked for about 2 hours straight within 50 feet of their house. There was no moon so he just let them yell.
Today was the opening of elk & deer archery season and also rifle season for moose in this area. They let out something like 25 permits. I saw one moose today that had been shot and those 2 fellows and one female had their work cutout hauling the meat up a steep incline. It was shot about 8 AM and they finished up about 4:30 PM. I bet there is one tired trio
Labor Day Weekend and our friends in MI are going to Prairieville Farm Days. We have our own farm days here everyday. It’s just like home, everyday people stop and ask permission to hunt. I give them all permission, It’s state land and open to hunting so I can’t refuse them anyway.
Friday August 30, 2002
In 1975 we had a man come to plow out our driveway when we lived on 204th Ave just north of the village limits. He brought one of his daughters just shy of 2 yrs of age along with him. Sally finally talked her into coming inside while dad did his plowing. A friendship between the two started that cold wintery day that continues even now. Andrea grew into a fine woman, even if she did have red hair, and married David Rosencrans who used to spend a lot of time at Dan & Diane Herin’s with their son J.D. J.D. and Dave even went into the navy together. As Dave told me the Herin’s were the best thing that happened to him. Somehow Andrea & Dave met, fell in love and were married while Dave was still in the Navy. Along came a daughter Torey that is a duplicate of her mother. About 3 yrs ago David was diagnosed with a cancer and given maybe a year or 2 at the most to live. Three years
later on this date at 9:30 AM Dave went home to be with his Lord. The last 2 years have been rough on everybody involved and I have to admit that again I shed tears in the passing of this fine young man (30 yrs). Our prayers are with wife Andrea, daughter Tory (just started school), Dan & Diane Herin, Gary & Sharon Potter & Andrea’s sister Alycia & Steve Kimme and children Lauren & Brendon. Again I have another question for God, He has a lot of explaining to do! Though we’re 1700 miles apart Sally is still trying to talk almost daily to Andrea. We both love her almost as a daughter and wish her and Torey the best
Monday September 2, 2002,
We’ve had a beautiful weekend low 80’s during the day and 40’s & 50’s at night and all kinds of traffic. Hunters, picnickers and just the “old Sunday drivers” taking advantage of the autumn weather. Once in awhile somebody will say did you hear that elk bugle? We know old man winter can’t be to far away.
Another day off from work, only went on a 4 hour patrol on a ATV to check that brand on cattle, went to Idaho Falls for supplies, fixed the shifting linkage on the Massey, took the new Case and took a bucket of gravel over to the Meadowbrook kiosk. Washed the bosses ATV, I only put 247 miles on it while he was gone, think he’ll notice? When he left it only had 113 miles on it. One of the last things he told Greg was nobody is to use the new ATV. I guess I’ll have to tell him it’s too nice to just set around. We finally got tires on the Yamaha last Wednesday and Thursday they took the Suzuki in because of a oil leak, so most of the time I’ve only had 1 ATV around here and I made sure it was used.
Greg & Matt are going to use the “Rodweeder” up on Ritter Bench . After that they’ll spray the fields with roundup and in the spring they should have 200 acres ready to plant. Also one of the alfalfa fields they’re going to plow up and get it ready to plant for next spring. Ed Dean you should be here now because they’re going to use the new plow that came in a year ago this spring and the rodweeder is in use every day and they’re spraying just about anything that grows I think.
Thursday, September 5, 2002
Woe is me, where has the week gone? Monday was Labor Day so we had quite a bit of traffic; another moose was harvested with a 36 in spread on its horns. About 1,000 lbs and shot by a 70 yr old gentleman. He said it was real close to the road and they were able to load it on a low trailer and haul it to the butcher in 1 piece. I didn’t see the moose or his pictures yet but I think it was my “Cove Creek” moose that I haven’t seen in a awhile.
Grouse season is open and they are delicious, these “blue grouse” weigh about 2 or 3 pounds. What is really nice about them is 1 will make a meal as there is even meat on the drumsticks. The bad thing about it is they don’t fly very far, so once you find them they’re not too hard to harvest. Next week, I think, the Sage Hen and Sharp Tail Grouse season starts. They both look like a hen pheasant and about the same size.
Yesterday I fired up the motorcycle, drove it around the yard and said, “I don’t like it”. The help laughed because they don’t like it either. It’s 6 yrs old and now has 478 miles on it that should tell you something about it. I put on 5 miles including my wipeout. When I was on the ground I said Lord let me up and I’ll put this back, He did & I did. My aches and pains from the motorcycle seem to take precedent over the other aches and pains today.
Also yesterday Sally’s washing machine showed up. Terry had promised her one ever since last spring. Yesterday Craig & Trent brought in a top of the line Maytag. Terry said he can’t afford service calls so that’s why the Maytag.
Today Walt, Sue, Sally & I went down by the dugway and between the 4 of us and 3 dogs we picked a little over 10 gallons of chokecherries. We are going to have some chokecherry syrup. In 2 ½ hours we were home and eating lunch which was french toast with chokecherry syrup that Matt‘s wife had given us.
After eating I told Sal that I was going rest my aching bones I was out like a light, when all of a sudden I was wet. These mountain squalls come up in a hurry and most of this one came in the bedroom window.
Friday, September 6, 2002
Last winter in DelRio we met a couple whose names are Dulcie (Del) & Chuck Richards they live year around at Lonesome Dove RV Park. This summer they’re the only ones there other than the owner, so it is quite quiet for them. She wrote a nice letter and said that she believes that her tear ducts and bladder are on the same line as she uses them both more as she is getting older. Chuck was diagnosed with a lung cancer this summer and we’d like for you to add him to your prayer lists as he takes his treatments & etc. The other day when Sal was talking to Del, he shouted that he was wearing Freightliner underwear also, so you know he‘s not all bad. Chuck & Del we wish you the best!
Also talked to Sally Balcom and her cancer is what is called a nuisance cancer. It is rather easily treated. Prognosis is real good for her and we’re glad to hear that.
Today it is raining quite hard, has been all morning so I’ve got a chance to set at the computer and write. I took Sal over to the
Jackson’s so that the women could steam their chokecherries to start the making of syrup. It is also raining hard enough that we cancelled the employee picnic for tomorrow. Maybe next Sat., if it doesn’t snow.
The weeds are growing here in the compound so I should be able to mow almost dust free tomorrow.
Saturday, September 7, 2002
Well it is tomorrow and I’m sure I could mow dust free today. Wherever there is an indentation on our lawn there is water stranding. It is now 8:47 AM and still raining. One thing I’ve noticed about Idaho, at least where we’re at, is if it is dry IT IS DRY! If it is wet IT IS WET!
Yesterday the rain let up about 3 PM and I went and pick Sally up from the Painted Porch Ranch and brought her and her chokecherry juice home. While she was playing with her juice, for syrup and jelly I went out and spread several yards of gravel on the driveway. I then fired up the bulldozer and proceeded to retrieve the driveway back up the hill and mix it with the gravel. It turned out pretty good. I haven’t been outside yet this morning but what I can see is LOOKING GOOD.
This picture below is our prettiest pond on Tex Creek WMA
We call it Cathy’s Pond
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It is now 10 AM and we can almost see the sun, we hope your weather is clear and sunny.
Love to all,
Darrell & Sally

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