Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hardin,Montana April 2007

The rolling hills in the Little Bighorn Area

March 21, 2997
We pulled into Grandview Campground & RV Park in mid afternoon. We met Laurie and she had us back into a site which we did without much hesitating. The weather is and has been beautiful. Low 40’s in the AM and mid 70’s in the afternoon. She is bound and determined that the grass should all be “thatched”. Not to bad normally but, when you’re walking behind a 20 in mower and several acres I finally told her what I thought of that deal. After pushing the mower for 3 or 4 hours I thought I should have a rest but she had different ideas and we messed around on some other projects.
She is about as organized as the inside of a garbage truck. So I’ve been trying to straighten up a couple of out buildings that have a lot of pvc pipe fittings, electrical items and of course plumbing supplies along with lawn feed and fertilizers. She is amazed at the good things I’ve found and I’m amazed at the junk I’ve found, such as 2 ft sections of broken 4X4’s, pieces of water damaged plasterboard and crap. She was looking over my shoulder quite a bit but until she found out I could tell good junk from bad. I also hung some of the rakes and shovels on available wall space instead of just thrown in. Sally swept out the buildings and now they’re quite presentable, for a day or two.
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I’ve also putting in the risers for water at each site. I’ve not turned on the water but it is ready to go. Fixed a couple of sewer drops, electrical plugs and while she was gone yesterday I hopped on the rider and mowed a bunch of sites. She says they still have to be thatched, we’ll see. We’re not officially open but a few have been stopping in for the evenings and a couple of construction workers are here for a few weeks.
Yesterday I went into the workshop and about croaked the building about 38 ft deep by about 20 ft wide is packed full of stuff that used to be good when it was new, before it was used, junk, crap or @#%^&$#$#%.
She told me there are some Indian artifacts in there some place and there probably are, left by the Indians.
The shop was her dad’s and some of his tools are there and she says a lot are missing. I told her they might be under something. I’ve gradually been throwing some of her “stuff” away. Like 2 boxes of misused plastic door knobs (passage sets) from the days they used to have mobile home park here. I counted 50 gallon cans of paint that have been out there, as she said, for 15 years. That is a lot of freezing & thawing. Old door sills of different lengths, old plastic shower doors that are broken and pieces of wood of every size and description. Way on the back of the building is (according to her) a brand new water heater. She said she bought a new one last year, as it was easier than trying to dig this one out.
Yesterday the weathermen started spouting about a winter storm and I said yeah at 75 degrees. This morning it was in the 30’s and the rain has changed to snow and a full force blizzard is in effect. Interstate 90, about a mile away, is closed at the Wyoming border. That is the section that goes into Sheridan. One of locals told me that was never good there, even in the summer. We’re supposed to have 1 to 3 feet of blowing snow. Of course the ground was/is warm and the snow is a wet snow so there is a lot of slush. The wind is blowing about, officially, 25MPH.
This morning Laurie had to take her grandmother into Billings for her Dr. appointments & etc. So at 7 AM she is pounding on the door with a list of instructions, keys, receipts to use while she is gone. One of the instructions was disconnect the water to the trailer so it wouldn’t freeze. Also turn on the heaters in the restrooms, makes sense to me. She also said if you need propane you better get it and she told us where the least expensive place was at. The final instruction was a doozey. There is a trench dug for electrical work for about 5 sites. The conduit and wire have been run and we’ve just been waiting for the electrician to hook it all up. She said I want the trenches and dirt covered with plastic. So I went down to the hardware store and told them who I was and charged some plastic, not enough but at least enough to get us started. I tried it by myself but that was a losing situation, to put it mildly, in the 30 to 35 MPH wind. I got Sally to help me and I soon found out that between her health, the wind, my hearing and etc it was a hell of a job. At least Sally could be a anchor and help hold the plastic in place. Soon her words were slurring and I realized she had to stop. I sent her inside to warm up and I’ll be damned if the electrician didn’t show up just about the time I/we got done. A ½ hour later he came to the door and said, we’re done you can fill the trench in. I said thanks but I don’t think I’ll do it today.
I have decided that my goal here is to warn Custer about the Indians.
Monday, April 2, 2007Saturday morning Interstate 90 was opened up and the traffic jam, which stretched out over a mile in all directions at our little intersection cleared up. All of the truck stops were out of food and the price was over $3.00 per gallon.
Saturday I took Aimee to the vet with a possible urinary infection. She has stones in her bladder, in fact she passed one while she was there. It was the size of a small marble, I know it impressed me. That means that she has to have special dog food and antibiotic for about a month and see if that clears up the stones. Otherwise it will mean surgery. She didn’t feel food at all until Sunday night she made a short bounce or two.
Our snow amounted to about 2 foot BUT it was melting from the bottom up as the ground was so warm. Also the snow was wet which made for sloppy everything. South and East of us near Sheridan, WY the had, officially, 62 inches of snow. Since the reservoirs were only about 45% full the snow was welcome. According to the paper the reservoirs are now full. Since we had “cabin fever” we decided to go down to Crow Junction and check out the area of Custer’s Last Stand. We went into the visitors center but the roads were still closed for any touring. I was surprised at the number of people that were there. Most of them were easterly bound and did not know anything about the road closings & etc. I did manage to get some pictures of the National Cemetery there and talk to the Ranger inside. I hope to put the pictures someplace where you can see them..
Yesterday we took a trip north of Hardin up towards Interstate 94. Yes that’s the same road that runs through MI. from Indiana to Port Huron. A very nice road, 2 lane, and the one thing I really enjoyed was seeing the beautiful male ring neck pheasants as they strutted across he white snow and so reminiscent of days gone by in Michigan. My dad was an avid pheasant hunter and I was lucky to spend many happy hours with him as we watched the dogs work out the pheasants.
We also saw many Mule Deer silhouetted in the snow looking for the new tender green grasses as they grazed. CATTLE!!! We saw hundreds if not thousands of cattle. They are still in the winter pastures and it looked as if it is a good year for calves.
When we got to Interstate 94 our road ended and we took 94 west to the next exit into the town of Custer, MT. Probably a population of 200 with a school a convenience store and cattle, in pens of course. From there we went east towards the town of Big Horn which is, as far as I could see, a has been. We then went east a little farther and brought another road back south the 54 miles back into town. We saw deer, pheasants, cattle and 2 other motor vehicles the rest of the trip.
Tuesday April 3, 2007
my birthday, whopee
Today is a dreary day with rain turning to snow and cooling down. The weather report said just a few snow flurries. It is supposed to be back up in the 60’s & 70’s by the end of the week.
Friday, April 06, 2007
Weather-wise it has been disgraceful, to say the least. Snow flurries with 2 to 4 in of white fluffy stuff, just to melt the next day.
The whole campground was really wet after our blizzard the other day. As the puddles got bigger & bigger I thought OH BOY! We’re going to have a lake. The next day there were only a couple of puddles around. One of the puddles, on closer observation, had a brownish tint to it like sewage. I checked where the problem seemed to be and asked the guy if he was having any “black water” problems. He said nothing is working right on the drains. I pointed out to him the color of the water and watched the expression on his face. I then went and got the short “roto-rooter” and then decided I’d better get my boots as it looked about 6 in. deep. I went to our trailer and dug out my hip boots and started back and he met me half way saying he found the problem. It was a t-shirt. And come to find out the owner of the park put it there because there was no cover on the pipe. She is the owner but she still thinks like a female in a lot of areas.
Aimee is getting better each day and hopefully there will not have to be any surgery to remove the stones from her bladder.
Day before yesterday we got word that a friend from Hesperia had passed away very suddenly while in Texas at their winter home. John Lorenz was a grand gentleman and his smile and good nature will really be missed by family and friends. Our condolences to Judy and the family.

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