Sunday, April 8, 2007

Comedy of ERRORS Mar 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007
Our comedy of errors continues in our life.
You see the license plate, on the truck, expired on my birthday. Now we knew this was going to happen and thought we were prepared for it. Scotti, Sally's daughter, had been picking up the mail and we all thought that I could go on line and renew the plates. Well it is not that simple BECAUSE they will not forward the stuff, so you must use you current address. Well we'd hurried up and go to our change of address with very little bureaucratic snafus.
No problem, I thought, as Scottie had forwarded the forms & etc. with the last batch of mail. Well Scottie, bless her soul works a lot of hours and start very early in the AM and works late, also. Well she forgot to forward the mail for a day or so and I told Sally RELAX ,when the form gets here I'll take care of it. Guess what was forgotten to be put in the forwarded mail? You're right the forms.
Well I tried to do it on line again to no avail. So I called Scotti and she said give me your credit card number and I'll do it for you. Guess what she found out. She had a different address so she couldn’t do it on the puter either. So, we sent her a check and hopefully when she gets it about Tuesday she'll remember to get our renewal and mail them to us.
So in the meantime we sit here with expired license plates helping to save our environment, because we're not burning fuel. Being all small towns around here the cops have little enough to do so I know they'll be checking expirataions.
Cabin Fever Sally is already feverish and will probably get worse before the new lis gets here.
All of this because I said "I'm not worried, we've got the trailer hooked up and they can't see the plate.
Just thought I'd let you all know that things are normal in COMEDY LAND

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