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Where We Is inTexas Jan 2007

Where We Are

Tuesday, January 9, 2007Last night our friend and Sally’s Nephew affectionately known as “Gomer” passed away from the ravages of cancer. We’re told he went peacefully knowing where he was going and like all of the others before him we’ll miss him, his smile and sense of humor.
Also we got a call last night from one of the places to whom we sent a resume. Another appointment for an interview for this Thursday at 10 AM. I called another one today and they said come on up we need you now. It is 400 miles away on a working ranch and they own the Sonora Caverns near the town of Sonora, TX. We’re probably going up there this weekend and it’ll put us about 100 miles north of the hunting ranch (We didn’t go because of the weather).
We also got an email from the hunting ranch with another proposal and a different time schedule. We’re hoping he makes up his mind before long so that we can make plans.
This RV Park we’re at is called the South 40. It is a “has been” park with owned by an elderly couple whom have both passed away. Like a lot of things it is all in “probate” and their 7 kids are arguing over it, we’re told. The park in general needs a lot of TLC. It has a couple of ponds and I’ve been watching the Scarlet Tanagers and Kiskadees. The Kiskadee is a beautifully marked yellow bird with white & black stripes and looks a lot like a Meadowlark from a distance. The birds are feeding on the insects flying about the water and the Kiskadee will get in the water to get is meal and the Tanager is the colorful dive bomber with the bright scarlet making him easy to see.
Across the road from the park is a railroad track, just one thank God. Probably 15 to 20 trains a day, all freight, go through here to and from Mexico. Once in awhile the Border Patrol stops one of the trains and corrals the illegally entering people.
Sunday, January 14, 2007
We went to our interview last Thursday and it went very well, we believe. It is a beautiful 55+ park with 255 sites and a 100 of the sites are for RV’s. They are very well set up and in a orderly fashion and gated to help keep down the traffic and etc… The park has 2 recreation halls one large and one med size, a pool and every conceivable convenience so that it is basically a little village within itself. Across the road from the park is a very large HEB (chain) grocery store. Of course a short distance away is every other kind of store or restaurant you can think of. Only a block south of route 83 which is an east-west type of expressway and always under construction. Within a half hour you can be in Mexico or north up into farming and/or ranch/hunting country
The park is owned by 3 gentlemen scattered over the US. They own 4 parks, one in FL, NC and 2 in the valley here in Texas.
The weather has been warm the last couple of days and high humidity. Of course windy so that you can survive without to much discomfort. Last night we went out towards Port Mansfield to look for deer, hogs, Nilgai (pronounced nel-guy) and Javalina or Peccary. We saw lots of deer about ½ dozen Nilgai and one cat of some type which could of just been a large housecat but it was to far away to get a good look at it.
A major storm is on its way and has already raised havoc in Oklahoma, N. Texas, Missouri and the like with ice and everything else that goes with it. Today it is in the 70’s and tonight it will be in the low 50’s and will remain cool for quite awhile.
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
It is coooold in the Rio Grand Valley today. About 40 degrees and they’re worried about ice on the roads. Of course the Winter Texans are complaining about the weather just as if they were home, if you know what I mean?
DRUGS What a problem they are down here so close to the border. How much money is there in this world? 3 days ago they raided a arcade here in Raymondville. They had slot machines and were paying out in cash instead of prizes like they’re supposed to. Evidently they raid this place about 4 times a year, this time they got $400,000.00 and firearms & etc. A man was stopped near Harlingen and had $900,000.00 in the back seat of his car. At the border they get tons of the drugs every week, plus money. The Border Patrol has check stations and they get very large quantities at each check station. What can be done to stop the drugs, I don’t have a clue but maybe you do.
“COYOTES” I’m talking about the 2 legged kind. They sneak in the “illegals” and they are rampant also. Even the politician’s kids are doing it. According to the paper they charge anywhere from $100.00 to $2,000.00 each. Many of the “illegals” are killed in traffic related accidents, starve to death or even get burned in the sugar cane fields. Before the sugarcane is harvested they burn all of the weeds in the fields. Many “illegals” hide in the fields which are almost
impossible to penetrate as is the thickest of jungles. So now the growers must post large 4’X4’ bright red signs that tell of an impending fire, hoping the illegals can read. I don’t know if they still do it but 3 years ago they had to go around the field with a P-A system telling the “illegals” to get out or they might become “crispy critters”.
Home invasions take place daily with the addicts looking for money or robbing the dope dealers. With the influx of drugs other illegal activities such as “cock” fights, dog fights and shootings are taking place daily.
Each time we go through a “Border Patrol” check point we get complimentary comments on our front license plate, which reads “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”. They also tell me if each law abiding home had a weapon (and the people knew how to use it) a lot of this illegal activity would stop.
I remember several years ago when Dan Revoir and I were hunting in Star County Texas, footsteps were heard outside of the cabin we were in. Dale (one of the Texans) went out to check and a couple of minutes later a shot was fired. It was done, he said, to let the “wetback” know he had better skedaddle out of there. Even then, we had to bring all valuables inside at night, and we were miles from anything, all because of the illegals walking through there.
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Weather--- It is cold by standard very damp and in the 30’s. A lot of ice North of here has raised havoc with transportation and lot electric lines are down. The there seem to be a lot of people down here living in substandard housing. Old school buses , RV’s, tents, cardboard and the like. Every night they seem to spotlight at least 1 family living in those conditions. Now I’m talking about whole families with and the husband working probably for minimum wage. Many good Samaritan type of groups doing what they can. I see just a small part of the problem but something must be done. It is hard to keep a old school bus warm at 30 degrees.
Part of the problem is the lack of building codes. I do not like to see government telling people what they can and can’t do but building codes, for the most part, are for everybody’s health and well being. There would be “holy hell” to be paid for the next few years until every thing was in place. The way it stands right now you can have a $300,000.00 home on 5 acres and right next to it you can have a dilapidated trailer right out of the 30’s & 40‘s right next to it with sub-standard “lean to” style additions on the next lot. Most of the area has municipal water but I bet septic systems are not up to snuff.
Now these conditions are not scattered but all over the “Valley”. Every town, village and in between in every county down here. It also appears that if you want to open a “taco joint” you just open your bedroom window and put up a sign for drive-in service
Yet with all of these problems the people are friendly and out going and most of them would do just about anything for you.
Everybody down here has a barbecue of some kind or another and most of them know how to use them. They’ll spend most of the day getting the meat whether it is fajita, ribs, steaks, sausage, venison, Nelgai, wild hog or even the lowly Javalina ready for consumption in the evening and of course they have a lot of liquid refreshments. Most of the guest bring something to add and it really is a party. I’ve never seen them over indulge in the liquid but I can tell you there is a lot of laughter and love for the fellow man at a barbeque. Frank Torres moved his mother-in-law’s house to his property when she passed on and has a real nice set-up. He also has a motor home so he made a large covered “car port” in the back of his home. When it is party time he moves the motor
home out and sets up tables puts out the coolers and the people show up.
Sunday, January 21, 2007Well twice in the last 2 weeks culprits have stolen things out of the back of our truck. Now the truck is parked next to our door and we leave the porch light on but it seems to make no difference. The first time they took the chainsaw. The same saw that was given to us by Lloyd and Judy up in Bessemer, MI. Night before last they did it again taking a very expensive set of jumper cables $149.00 and 2 5/16th transport chains. They were both 20 ft. long and again expensive as they were alloy and in the $55.00 range. Of course in the process they cut our tono cover (nylon cover over the pickup bed) and bent the support bars that hold it up and in place and cost about $500.00 to replace. There is something else missing and I cannot think of what it is. I suppose I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and remember what that item was. Others miscellaneous things were also taken. Neither the dog or we hear the culprits. We imagine they do their business while a freight train is going through.
The sheriff deputy’s just take notes and make a report on it.
After a long talk last night with EMS, Sheriff and a few others I decided this is what I’ll do SoI did something I haven’t done since we left Apache Junction, AZ. I cleaned and loaded a handgun and rifle. That’ll upset you anti gun people but, if Sally and I are the only ones in our trailer so be it. If there are any young kids in our trailer they are not invited. If they find a weapon and it discharges so be it. I AM PRO-GUN and YES I WILL SHOOT TO PROTECT LIFE AND PROPERTY. Also Sally will.
Now rest assured I am not a Lone Ranger style shooter, I will shoot to kill. Am I wound up?, you betcha I am and you can rest assured I’m not a panic style shooter. I’ve been in a couple of situations where firearms were used and I admit I didn’t like it, but I did not panic.
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Another “revolting” development. It seems that Cingular and other cell providers had some kind of tax taken away from them. So now that we are NO longer in Pocahontas, AR. and we travel around a lot that means, so we found out, that we are “out of network” a lot of the time. Now there is NO WAY to know if you are in or out of network. We’ve been told that as of March 3 they will suspend our service. NO ifs ands or buts. We don’t know if anybody else has this problem but we’ll be checking it out. Y’all stay tuned for the continuing saga of the Patton’s and Cingular’s decision.
It is still raining, cold, miserable type of weather. Even Aimee doesn’t like it outside like she usually does.
We did get some good news today. Wherever we are going to work this summer, probably, there will be rattlesnakes. It seems that you can now get your dog a shot, vaccination, with a booster every year and it will take care of snake bites. A rancher from up in North Texas stopped by here yesterday and I was talking to him and the subject came up. H said he used to lose a dog every couple of years from snake bites or they would be maimed for the rest of their lives.
Today we had a pickup truck try to push the train off of the tracks a ½ mile North of us at the next crossing. The pickup lost. It created a lot of excitement for the area anyway.
I talked to Walt and Sue Jackson and they just spent 5 days without electricity after the ice storm. If you remember that is where we were snowed “in” last December. Temperature in the house got down to 45 degrees. I believe that by next winter they’ll have a gas range in the kitchen or maybe even a combination wood/gas or whatever.
Wednesday, January 24, 2007The insurance company called today and said they will not cover the stolen items. I get so @#@%^%;^^ depressed over this bad luck that I could croak. So I called the agent as they said we had coverage.
Thursday, January 25, 2007We got another job rejection today. I think we should change our resume and start a bunch of lies. You know, I won’t do it but it is a thought.
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
The insurance company called today and said they will not cover the stolen items. I get so @#@%^%^&(*&^&^^ depressed over this bad luck that I could croak. So I had called the agent as they said we had coverage.
The insurance company says “if we had a storage shed” and the items were stolen out of that then they would be covered. So I asked how I was going to haul a storage shed around. I also pointed out that the tool box in the back of the truck was my storage shed. Also the adjustor said if they the stolen items were scheduled items, they would’ve been covered. The agent doesn’t even know what the adjustor is talking about. All of this to no avail, so far.

Thursday, January 25, 2007We got another job rejection today. I think we should change our resume and start a bunch of lies. You know, I won’t do it but it is a thought.
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
This Saturday we have another interview. A couple from Idaho is flying in to talk to us. So we might be going up there this summer. We both like Idaho and this will be in the town of Salmon.
We’ve also got resumes out for Maggie Valley (near Ashville) NC. Covert MI., Grand Haven, MI.., Mears, MI. Utah, Ind., and Colorado. Oh I forgot to mention Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi, Wyoming & Montana. Probably a couple of other states that I’ve forgotten about, some we’ll never hear from as they do not seem to care about anybody but themselves.
Monday, February 05, 2007
We had our interview with Mr.& Mrs. Miller, they own the park in Idaho. We spent a couple of hours with them and when they left they gave us a check for the cost of the fuel up there. We couldn’t believe it. It was a very pleasant surprise. Now we’re going to Salmon, Idaho to the Century 11 Campground. It is right downtown and should be a enjoyable experience. We’re supposed to be up there to help open it for the April 1st.
The pictures we have show it as a picturesque campground capable of holding about 30 RV’s and about 100 tents.
Now that means we won’t be home this summer as we’ll be in Idaho through October.
This job has been hard coming, and one we’ll appreciate I’m sure, if you know what I mean?
Darrell & Sally

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